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RGB LED Connection

Is it possible to connect a RGB LED with a common cathode (or anode for that matter) to three different digital ports and be able to control the intensity of each color via the servo control window? I imagine it would be something along the lines of one negative connection, and each colors positive connection going to 3 different digital ports....

Ez-B On Ebay

EZ-B on eBay I havent used my EZ-B in months and decided its better off going to a new home that will put it to good use. Version 3.0 but will likely need a firmware update since its been unused. Great product just a waste sitting in my drawer. Its amazing how much this has grown since I bought mine. Awesome! Continued success to DJ and the rest of...

$25 Mini PC For Embedded Computing

I wanted to share this with everyone. $25 mini PC These guys have developed a fully functional PC about the size of a USB drive. It is still in the alpha stage but they plan to have it available by November or December. Its able to run Linux. I have found a program that will compile .NET programs to run in Linux called Mono. So with some messing...

Scripting In VB

Im brand new to VB. I went through the first two tutorials and now Im interested in how to make a control for script commands like a simpler version of the scripting window in EZ-Builder. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

5V Relay Boards

Here is an easy way to have the EZB control other electrical devices. 5v Relay Boards These relay boards will connect to the EZB and using a digital control, you can have them switch other items (AC or DC up to 10amp) on or off. I plan on using one to control an air solenoid valve for a pneumatic prop Im building. But I could seem them used to...

Easy Home Made Power Supply

Hey EZB-ers! I came across this site when trying to figure out an ample power supply for my EZB project. PC to DC Power Supply! The link at the top brings you to another page with more detail on the process. It gives basic instructions on how to convert an old PC power supply and use the 5v, 12v, or 3.3v lines. A PC power supply will give plenty of...

Visual Show Automation Support?

Can the EZB be controlled via VSA? Visual Show Automation It seems like they should be able to communicate. Im just curious if anyone has used VSA with the EZB before? Thanks!

Mp3 Use With Soundboard

Is there any way that mp3s can be triggered through the soundboard. I would like to trigger an mp3 stored on the computer that ARC is on. Is there any way to do that or does every sound have to be converted to a .wav file? Thanks
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