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Pwm Servos Movement Range

I'm using hitech  pwm servos with ezbv4. The movement range is  180 or more, but ezb software doesn't allow the  whole range.
Can Synthiam make a plug-in for configuring the range as required ?

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I looked at the topic you said. Let's see if  some new solution has become  available.
it would be nice if it was possible.
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the ARC software is compatible with many different controllers. When a controller is configured to connect to Arc, it is known as an ezb. An arduino can be an ezb. A raspberry pi can be an ezb. A robotis open cm can be an ezb. A bbc microbit can be an ezb. Check the getting started guide from the top menu of this website to view compatible products that can become ezbs. 

The question you are asking is related to the ezrobot ezb v4 hardware product. That product is made and sold by ezrobot, not synthiam. You can contact ezrobot on their website. Similarly to how Microsoft makes windows but your laptop is made by Dell or Acer, etc...

however, since I took part in designing the ezb v4 for ezrobot, I have an answer. The ezrobot ezb v4 follows the standard for servos. The servo you purchased does not.

of course, you’ll want a solution. There are two...

1) use an arduino as an ezb because (I believe) you can customize the pwm range. I haven’t done it but I seem to recall seeing a parameter in the servo library to adjust the pwm timing

2) use a ssc-32 add-on to the ezb v4. Actually, the ssc-32 will work with any ezb and also direct usb com port to. The plugin has the ability to adjust the pwm range. Here’s the link: https://synthiam.com/Products/Controls/Servo/SSC-32-Servo-Controller-16180
Sorry, I'm still  confusing   ezbv4, ez robot , ARC , ARC, Synthiam. But perhaps now i have understood. 

ezbv4 : an hardware made by ez robot firm
ARC : a software  you made for ez robot firm when Synthiam didn't exist
Synthiam: a new firm making software , for everybody (including  ez robot firm ). 
ARC : a software you made as Synthiam  , but [u]compatible with ARC
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ezrobot is a company that makes some robots for education. Their robots solely rely on Synthiam’s ARC or ARC software. This is because they put an ezb in their robots. The ezb they put in their robots is called an ezb v4. 

Synthiam is a company that makes software for programming robots. Just like Microsoft Windows is on your Acer or Asus or Dell computer. You cannot buy hardware from synthiam. Synthiam has a website at http://Synthiam.com that has information about what we do. You can click on links on that website and view software information - and what robots/hardware the software is compatible with. 

ARC was created to work with a few robots and controllers. Ezrobot ezb v4, ezrobot ezb v3, ezrobot iotiny, Ssc-32, roomba, ar parrot drone, sphere, woweee mip, and a few others overtime. Eventually ARC also connected to arduino and raspberry pi. 

ARC is outdated and is being replaced by Arc. ARC will cease to exist in the next few weeks, and ARC will take over. 

Arc is only backward compatible to ARC projects. It’s not compatible with ARC. 

An ezb is any device that is programmed to connect to ARC or ARC. Anything can become an ezb if it’s programmed to connect to ARC or ARC.


The ezrobot ezb v4 follows the standard for servos. The servo you purchased does not.
DJ you don't need to justify your choice. It's perfect fair a justification: EZ-Robot EZBv4 / Iotinity are 100% compatibles with EZ-Robot servos. 

you mentioned ez-robot servos follow standard servos and the OP 's servo not.

I discovered the EZ-Robots servos timings by measuring and trial and error, ASFAIK there is no EZ-Robot information to clarify the intervals, neither i can find information regarding the "Standard Servo" timings, can you help post a link or clarify the intervals  ?
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Not to hijack the thread or anything but I am actually curious what pulse range ez robot servos do use.... .5ms - 2.5ms... with 1.5ms being 90deg? I am guessing that is not correct... My guess it is somewhere between .65ms and 2.25ms... This would account for the fact servos like hitec don't have 180range when hooked up to an ezb4...

The Lynxmotion SSC-32 uses (from the manual) a range of .5ms - 2.5ms.... I guess just for grins (since I don't own an oscilloscope) I could hook up an ez robot servo to an SSC-32 and test it's ranges....
Here's info for ezbv4 pwm timing .1=560 uS, 90= 1360 uS,  180 =2120 uS. I don't know if this is a  general standard used by servo producers.
Hitec servos  HB805BB  require (hitech specs), for 0-180 range, 600-2400 uS.
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Ok, just tested a Hitec servo HS-422 and an ez robot servo using an ssc-32...  Yes crude (as mentioned I do not own an oscilloscope) but now you know why other servos do not have a full 180deg range when using an ezb4 or ioTiny...

Hitec HS-422 servo
Full 180deg range is 500us - 2500us (only approx)

EZ Robot servo
Full 180deg range is 550us - 2200us (only approx)
my timings were measured with accurate  Tektronix digital oscilloscope.