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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

More Servo Degree Possible?

i  am using servo from banggood.com they are very cheap.i can turn the main gear ,
alot further then 180 degree by hand.but ez robot servo's goes max to 180 degree.
aldo when connecting the cheap servo's they have less degree.some 174 degree.
is it possible to make for excample an horizontal servo window that goes further then 180 degree?
in the video you can see when the robot is connected,the arms are not fully down.

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Sorry @Nomad, the servo you are using likely takes a signal beyond what ARC generates to get to a true 180 degree position. There isn't an easy way that I know of that ARC could generate a custom servo signal, you could possibly do it using a serial command but it would require a logic analyzer to find the exact signal that you need to send.
Yah.. he'll probably need to use an SSC-32 or something. Where you can tune the microsecond pulse width manually. Cheap servos cost you time else where:)
Okay thank you jeremie,dj