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Non Existent Customer Support For A Newbie

Although my issue of the 300mv imbalanced battery issue is not a new topic, it happened to me after the first use only and there seems to be no customer service email link to address what is likely a defective battery or unit. I have followed all the recommendations but the charger keeps blinking 6 times red with one second pause. I only used the JD robot once to set it up and try a few moves, then as soon as it gave me the "battery running low warning" I shut it off, let it sit for and hour then tried to recharge and here I am. Robot sitting lifeless on my desk. I would prefer not to just return it to store but unless someone has a helpful thought, I don't even know how to get to Ez robot customer service.


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hope it will arrive soon.
1 charge the batt before using the jd
2 wait 30 min after charging before using jd
3 wait 30 min before charging the batt
Nomad 6R. Do you always need to wait 30 minutes before use after a fresh charge? Thanks
yes ,before and after
the idea is to let the battery cool down. 30 minutes is a guideline. You can go less as long as the battery is cool.

With the battery hidden inside, I guess it's hard to tell if the battery is cool? How long have you guys been getting as operating time on a full charge (medium activity)? What should the expectation be? Would be nice to have option to have him run tethered and off battery for longer sessions
i saw time 40 min ones and the batt wasn empty
Well Per Jason, in about 3-4 days I should hopefully start to ask you all more Robot related questions than battery anger. Can I make JD a battery Backpack he can carry around? :D:D:D


Can I make JD a battery Backpack he can carry around?

You probably could, or maybe a front pack since he has all those wires coming out of his back. You can certainly get bigger Lithium 2S batteries, but even large ones are fairly lightweight. You'll need to make adjustments to the auto-positions to adjust his balance point so he doesn't fall over, and maybe add some scripting to the 4in1 sensor you bought to have recovery positions if it senses he is going over (there is a sample project that has him stand back up from a fall but I don't think there are any preventative samples yet).

Alan, Haha, I'm clueless about what to do with the 4 in 1 sensor as of now, I just bought it because it sounded useful.. I really have no idea what to do with it initially when it arrives.
With a JD, the best use is fall detection and recovery. It can detect whether JD is standing, on his back, front or side, and trigger a set of auto-position moves to stand up from there.

I am working on integrating mine into my Roli that has a Ping sensor on the front and adapting Rich's Ping-Roam script to use the compass rather than timed turns to change directions when it gets near an obstruction so it can wander around the house on its own.

Alan, this sounds very cool, but I guess that's way down the line from an understanding point of "how to do this on my part". Soon hopefully. I'm interested in the pandorabot thing first the the Cochran Robotics Ai next. My son loves trying to ask our Amazon Echo things it can't do (which is amazing what they are adding to it daily).
Have you charged JD's battery with your other charger yet?
Yes, but it never made it to the current voltage stage and the charged indicator did not light up after an hour or so, so I took it off as just out of precaution did not want to leave the battery charging overnight un-supervised. Charger is safe but you never know. I could try again tonight and upp the amps, I had charger running at 1A, should I try 1.5 or 2a charge?
By "never made it to current voltage stage"...

Does that mean your charger is also recognizing the battery as discharged passed the threshold? It may not be recoverable if your charger is also stating that it cannot be charged. Therefore, the only solution would be to wait until you have a replacement battery.
Reading through this post, I wonder if the title is still appropriate?
DJ. It's only happened to me once on an old slightly puffy battery I tried to charge where it did the same. Having lost the manual. I assume it means that the charger was unable to get the voltage to an acceptable level and stopped attempting to charge the battery for safety reasons. Maybe the 1amp setting I tried didn't have enough juice. Should I try 1.5 or 2 amps?
I am fine with whatever title DJ seems appropriate

i wouldn not mess with the batt.iff some is wrong they are very unstable,
wait till you have the new one.in the mean time you can open jd and,
check the batt visually ,it has a seal on the side,or if the batt is not puffy.