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Jd Needs Shoes

Hello all, Didn't find anything on this in discussions but I think I have the worst possible combination environment for JD. On my wood floors, poor guy sort of wobbles around in circles while trying to walk straight because his feet keep slipping , then to make things worse, we have an area rug which has a slightly higher than average pile (not...

3D Printer Pla Extension Block

Hello All, I have an entry level 3D printer (XYZ Davinci jr) printer which has worked flawlessly for me printing some very detailed and cool stuff but I was wondering whether printing the extension block was advisable and whether you would print it solid (use a lot of PLA) or allow it to do standard honeycomb which seems fairly strong. I'd like to...

Maybe A Dumb Question - Make Bigger Jd

So even though I barely even began, I have plans for this little guy and wondered whether instead of the leg extensions, one could add one more servo to each leg and arm and make JD a bit bigger with more articulation. Is the EVB4 capable of adding four more servos to control walking or is this a thoroughly stupid Idea using too much of the evb...

Non Existent Customer Support For A Newbie

Although my issue of the 300mv imbalanced battery issue is not a new topic, it happened to me after the first use only and there seems to be no customer service email link to address what is likely a defective battery or unit. I have followed all the recommendations but the charger keeps blinking 6 times red with one second pause. I only used the...
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