Tomy Omnibot

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This was probably the funnest robot I have created yet. It is a wicked platform with a lot of room to grow. I've been adding sensors and programming to it ever since I got it.

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Video #2

Video #1
Commented October 2013
Ditto on the above comments. The bottom half isnt an Omnibot 2000 is it?
Commented October 2013
Yup that's what it is troy
Commented October 2013
By the picture I cant see the tilt of the opening above the shoulders.
@rb550f, I saw where your leftover parts went. On Ebay. :)
Commented October 2013
He rb550 , if you havent already sold them email me about the availability of parts :)
Commented April 2017
Love what you did to the Tomy. i'm going to upgrade one also.

Going to have it 100% autonomous, will be a great project.

Well done, hows it going now?
AvatarDJ Sures
Published on Saturday, February 19, 2011