Tomy Omnibot

DJ Sures



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Here is my omnibot 2000 as an adult
User-inserted image
United Kingdom
Nice. Cool idea with using 2 torsos too.

You should start your own project showcase post for your build:)
@ RB550 , I would like to see more about your robot, you should make a project thread and put up some videos:) Good job!
Ditto on the above comments. The bottom half isnt an Omnibot 2000 is it?
Yup that's what it is troy
By the picture I cant see the tilt of the opening above the shoulders.
@rb550f, I saw where your leftover parts went. On Ebay.:)
Love what you did to the Tomy. i'm going to upgrade one also.

Going to have it 100% autonomous, will be a great project.

Well done, hows it going now?