How About A Dance-off?

DJ Sures

United Kingdom
Oh it's on like Donkey Kong!.. Just give me a few days, I have a few little numbers I've been trying to teach JD, I think he has them down now...:D
sounds great,can i use any robot?
This isn't official.. It's a discussion we are having to put together a contest. I think it'll be a good idea.

Nomad, you can use any ezrobot. Long as it's ezrobot - of course.
i can use a 3d mic.i like the idea.:D
I'm In .. haha cant wait for the official notice.
United Kingdom
Well my entry is ready to go... Let's do this!:D
Looks like Aislinn is arranging something for December - this should be good:)

Get your dances ready folks! Robots got talent is coming...