Published on October 6 2014

My Talking Robot, Lester

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My website '' describes how I added a voice to my Robotis Bioloid Premium Robot that I call "Lester" using an Arduino mini.

I plan to use the EZ-B v4 WiFi Robot Controller to add command response to voice, command response to smart phone apps, etc.
Looking forward to receiving my EZ-B v4.

I will also use the EZ-B v4 to expand the capabilities of robots made with the Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit

October 6 2014
Wait until you get your EZB4.... You will want to throw your arduino in the garbage... ;)
October 6 2014

The garbage can has been so notified of "Incoming".
October 6 2014
oldbotbuilder you are the greatest...

enjoy your EZ-B's the are the greatest. lol

October 6 2014
This old doc welcomes another "oldbotbuilder" You Rock !
November 18 2014
I have a Bioloid also.
I plan on getting him his own EZ-B V4.
I hope you get your EZ-B soon and have a blast.
My humanoid Dave loves his EZ-B V3.
Happy robot building!