Tj Bearytales Hack



Has anyone ever tried to hack a TJ Bearytales? It looks like a more complex Teddy Ruxpin. I ordered one off eBay and am hoping to control it with the EZ-B V4.

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I too have one of these set aside to hack along with a couple of Teddy Ruxpins. I have no idea how to interface with it though. I have never took mine apart. My guess is if you want to gut the controls you'd probably need some h-bridges to control the DC motors inside. Unless you want to gut those as well in favor of servo motors.

I was hoping to keep mine nearly intact if possible. Don't know yet how feasible that is. It's a darn cute toy, that is for sure! It looks so much like the Teddy from AI! "Don't, I will break!"


Upon taking him apart I discovered he was way too complex to hack, at least for my level of knowledge. There were tons of gears and moving parts.

I am sticking to Teddy Ruxpins.