Published on May 18 2012

Meet Pinhead!

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It's just a concept right now but I wanted others to see that the scale doesnt quite match. Right now its just stacked on there and neck is a little too long.
January 15 2015
Fabulous. I can't wait to see the arms. That is my next thing.
January 15 2015
Ah! It worked fine! Beautiful detail. ??
January 15 2015
The same night I did the previous video I also recorded the shoulders but wanted to wait until they were actually mounted. Here it is anyway. It's rough I know but it shows that the tilt axis is vertical to allow the arm to pivot inwards. If I had mounted it horizontally it would be a little different in how it moves. A better vid will come later.
January 19 2015
Troy, It is good to see you getting time to work on your bot. It's looking great!
I really like the neck "piston"/shock absorbers :) With all his freedom of movement shown, he will be able to display quite a personality.

Can't wait to see this guy in action! Great job.
January 19 2015
Thanks rgordon. It's a bit rough around the edges but I'm near a milestone of getting it together and moving.