Baby Yoda is too cute


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Man how cute is this guy? Who will be the first to animate a robot of him. Just hopped by thingiverse and picked up this model. Credit goes to this gent;

I just made a test print at 70% scale to save material and dinked around a little bit with an an airbrush.

User-inserted image

It would be really easy to hack in an Iotiny and some servos to make the head and arms move. He could probably even walk. Not like he is a gazelle on the show. Maybe baby sounds through the sound board. I could see a simple 3D printed torso/walking structure with an actual cloth cloak around it.

Where is Will????? Youtube subject?????

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hi perry

here's yoda's head in glow on in the dark.

User-inserted image
the hands are also glow ons.body gold color .head moveble.
good find from you.
Any progress with this guy?
Not so much. I could design a bunch into it but I figure in a couple of months there will be so many hackable toys flooding the market It wasn't worth the effort.
I can help redesign the model for servo installation for 3d printing, if you are still interested. (As long as we have the original artists permission. He has already had problems with people trying to sell his creation.)
Here is an example of how I modified a 3d model to perform as the servo exoskeleton...

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Hey ATARKA you 100% have my permission. I know this was 3 years ago but with season 3 out if youre still trying to make something like this go for it. I appreciate you phrasing it that way and pointing out ive had issues with selling and would even send u original files to make stuff easier. all the best!