Ez-robot Halloween Witch "esmeralda"


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one of my projects:

Named: "Esmeralda" The Witch! :D

A new designt PROP, better looking and new colored.
PIR-Sensors, Camera, Light and Sound-Sensors a complete, extrem loud Sound System onboard and lighting eyes.

180 cm tall, 6,6 kg weight

sorry the language is german :-P

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Very Cool Project!
the witch and language is awesome :D
GREAT PROJECT ! Thanks for sharing.
Wow @Smarty Amazing work!
This looks so cool. I wish I understood your language. *stress*
Thanks for sharing. This is great

My first question in the Video:

Who or what are you ?
the witch answerd: I´m a witch!


Whats your name ?
the witch answerd: I´m Esmeralda The neighbourhood shocker/ Frightener

then I explain that the camera automatic goes "ON, only - If the PIR-Sensor see something.. now the witch makes a face-tracking and talks every time a new sentences If a person is located in front of her.

now you see a little witch clip.. the witch asks:
lovely neighbor, how are you today ?

then Im explain ..
she automatic check the light..
is it dark outside the eyes are lighting.

you see a clip to activate and deactivate the eyes.

then I explain a little bit the Software

and at the end the witch says:
It's you! I've already smelled you! Come to me! Or are you afraid ?

@ all

thank you :D
Smarty I replied to your email weeks ago that you sent me thru Alans website, but my server had issues with your email address or some issue. Did you receive? The one you asked me about lip sync.

Dear Will ,
I didn't have time to say thank you.
Thank yo u man. :D

Yes, I received your E-Mail 1-2 days later.
you see now the mouth works synchronic.

Brilliant @Smarty! Thanks for the translation.

I love the fact that the camera does nothing until the sensor detects motion then the light level is sensed for the lighted eyes. That's truly awesome. I had never thought of these things. When I mount my camera in my B9 robot I'll be borrowing these iseda. I hope you don't mind. ;)
haha, @Dave Schulpius
no problem.

I often get inspiration from all of forum members. :P
your B9 is one of my favorites EZ-Robots