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Finally had a chance to look at some video from Halloween. Here is a brief video of the G-Bot in action. Thanks so much to everyone who helped me get him ready. @Rich @Richard R @Dave Shulpius et al

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Wow, what fun! ! I was hoping you would post this soon. Thanks for sharing!
Wow, that is awesome! So cool to see the neighbors loving it:)
United Kingdom
It's great to see it moving nice and smoothly, the ramping seems to do the trick pretty well even for those small backward movements I spotted there).

Would have been more awesomer if you had hidden from view so the neighbours didn't know you were controlling it though:)

Just out of interest, how long did the EZ-B/ARC part of the build take you to do? And how easy/difficult did you find the experience?
Wow! You must have been the hit of the neighborhood:) Seriously, you're ahead of your time with a Halloween prop like that!
@Rich , I spent about 6 weeks retrofitting the G-Bot before Halloween. Up until I had installed the EZ Robot components, it had just been mostly a static statue tethered to a power supply and laptop with some RC control. The exception was last year's upgrade to get the tread section motorized. I had always planned to do so - so as I had purchased or fabricated components over the years I had always done so with that in mind so the quality was there.

The conversion to robotic took 4 to 6 weeks mostly because of the conversion to dual power (battery and ac) and the fact that the robot is so large and it just takes time and effort to disassemble and rework things.

The installation and wiring of the EZ Robot boards was very easy. I do have some (ancient) electronics background and soldering training which definitely helped when fabricating an 'e' switch and jumpers and connectors. The biggest challenge for me was the programming of the Sabertooth ramping.

I could not have learned to do that in the time frame I had without help from you and others on this forum. Nor did I really have the time or desire to do so...

All in all I am very pleased with EZ Robot! Especially the help from this forum.

I was a bit disappointed that I kind of ended up stuck with the Bluetooth based EZB 3s since I had purchased them a couple years ago then had to mothball the project to take some contact work in Hawaii (definitely a good choice BTW). That is also one of the reasons why it was really not practical to be further away from the robot to enhance the interactions with others. The range was simply not there with Bluetooth to do so.

That being said I fully understand that change is kind of the 'nature of the beast' when dealing with new and innovative products.

I will definitely upgrade to the latest EZ Robot hardware as soon as my budget and time allow and will HIGHLY recommend EZ Robot as a source for hobby robotics within the B9 Robot Builder's Club and to anyone else who asks.

Kudos to EZ Robot! Especially for the continued support!
BTW, I did learn a lot and have many upgrades in mind for the future. I will be enhancing the power systems, arm movements adding bubble lifter and waist tilting also likely ultrasound avoidance and a remote camera...

The possibilities are endless. This should definitely keep me entertained well into my ancient years... :)
This looks amazing!
You are doing an amazing job with your robot.