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Here is the latest on sally. I am down to ONE robot and she is not completed because I need sensors to her. I got rid of the Wheelchair robot. It was Great , but really needed a Man to pick her up and she needed more space. I am finding that Sally is quite heavy (OmnibotBase) also. I am piddling. Still waiting for Pepper robot to be released in the USA. Sally have a EZB-4 in her.

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DJ Sures
Commented December 2017
Mel - thanks for sharing your health update. Sorry to hear the challenges! Your robots have always been enlightening part of our community. Keep pushing the limits of building robots and most importantly, have fun! Looking forward to seeing more of your robot creations :)
Commented December 2017
Hi Mel, please keep your mind active and don´t give up. Wish u all the best!
Steve S
Commented December 2017
Hey Mel,
Keep up your "piddling" and tinkering.
I have always enjoyed your ideas and robots.
Steve S
Dave Schulpius
Commented December 2017
Hi Mel, Your news about your health totally sucks. So very sorry to hear about your challenges. You gotta be one tuff dude to keep moving forward like you have been so far. I hope I am able to have just a small amount of your courage and strength if I ever face something like this. Keep your head up and prove them all wrong. Keep building and stay sharp. You continue to be an inspiration to me in more ways than just robot building. Thanks for coming back to the group and sharing your update. Don't go away. :)
Commented January 6
Thanks, Guys!
Published on Sunday, December 6, 2015