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Decided to give the robot a little boost, so i'm gonna do some reconfiguring. First up, I've decided to give it sorta a 4 wheel drive upgrade. As you can see, four wheels and four CR servos, which are tied together via "y" splitter servo cables so I can still use the proper directional control. Moves along nicely and can still turn just fine. 
Next will be adding the, sensors, etc.

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Added a few more parts....

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
I plan on adding more

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4wd on the move.i like the configuration.this give me an idea,changeble domes,diff chapes.
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Tody I learned how to create and use the Moile app to control the bot. I must say very cool :-)
Nice upgrade, where did you get the "y" splitter servo cables? Amazon?