Published on November 17 2017

Dorian - Retro Style Humanoid Robot

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Earlier this year I introduced myself and my first robot on these forums but it was a General Discussion post and so now that I've made some progress on Dorian I thought it's time to make a proper Project Showcase for him.

Dorian is a fairly small humanoid robot with a retro style design. He stands about 40 cm tall and has a build quite similar to the JD humanoid robot, with the addition of two hip servos and an ultrasonic distance sensor.
The chassis is my own design, while the joints and brackets connecting servos are modified versions of EZ-Robot designs.
The general goal for Dorian is to have him join me at various events and have him interact with people, but more importantly, have people interact with him. I'm hoping I'll be able to make him smart and engaging enough for people to feel inspired about social robots and realize how advanced robots we can actually make today - if using the right products and knowing the right community;)

In my previous post some of you were asking about seeing him in action and if he could walk yet. Today I uploaded the first video with Dorian's walking animation so I hope you'll give it a look and hopefully you'll enjoy! He may look like a drunk toddler but atleast he's moving forward...! Sort of.

DJ Sures
August 28 2018
So peaceful he fell asleep on his face:D I liked that video. It was very relaxing and nice to see your summer getaway. Thanks for sharing
August 30 2018
What a cute video. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. I really enjoyed it. Poor little guy doesn't do well walking through the woods. LOL.

Funny, you have a "Up North" in Sweden. Here in Wisconsin, USA was also have a "Up North" in northern Wisconsin and it looks a lot like yours. A little further "Up North and we're in Canada. Up North is always Heaven on earth.
August 30 2018
@Nomad & @DJ
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Haha yes, I was rather surprised he even managed to take those steps before falling... the way he currently drags his feet he's really not good at walking on any surface other than indoor floors. I definitely agree with you, I've always been a big fan of Up North! Haha.
August 30 2018
Whoops, I forgot to mention that I really liked the video as well!

You don't really ever see robots in peaceful outdoor settings, taking in their surroundings. It made Dorian seem very zen-like (until he fell down lol) and observant. It was like he was nourishing his robot soul, and I found that to be a very interesting idea.
August 30 2018
@Jeremie Wow thank you for your input! I'm happy you liked it and I did indeed aim to make a different kind of video from what I'm used to.

I hope that by next summer Dorian will be able to experience and interact with that environment a lot more than he did this summer. Other than mistakenly spotting his favorite green ball in the cabin (I didn't bring any of his toys) he was rather lost up there in the wilderness, haha.