Diy Pc Battery Backup Power Source And 12 Battery Charger By J Starnes


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I am planning a fun weekend but we are not sure we will have a 110v power source nearby. Just in case I decided it may be a good idea to use a APC battery backup and parallel more batteries together for a longer run time. Also in the same unit I could have a 12 volt charger to charge batteries. Once I come back I will just have a really buffed up battery backup ready to use. I am going to use two small computer cases , industrial drawer handles , rolling casters ect. These are the donors. The idea is to power a few laptops / net books all day which are wattage anyways.

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OK just doing a bit of test fitting here... This is the 12 volt 9ah SLA. The standard battery backup uses a 12v 7ah but the same size and shape. It appears I can get 4 or 5 of these batteries lined up on the bottom. Perhaps I could do a second row above them too which is 10 batteries for 90ah of power. That's 1080 watt hours. I may only do one row. I don't want this to be so heavy I can't pick it up without throwing my back out lol. Each battery is 6 pounds.
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I have the guts to a 600 watt APC backup and a 12v source to 12v battery charger. Now I need some Velcro straps to hold batteries down and wheels to put on the bottom and two heavy duty handles for the top.
When I get back this could be an excellent backup supply for the smart fish tank system. Twice the power has gone out since January so a backup is nice.
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I gave the case a flat brown base all over the case.
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I'm letting Alequa come up with a pattern for the portable battery power supply. He's still using the same colors though.
I know the color of a project has little to do with functionality but I always go for style points lol.... Next step , tan coat and cutting out a desert camp template. This is meant to match my snake skin battle bot;)
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So far so good . I'll make a nicer stencil and detail it up tommorow. I will be making an identical battery backup for the fish tank but it will be black.
Thank you khudo! You have some sand out there in Egypt , would this blend in?