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I know I should finish Melvin before starting a new build but Josh's Jarvis has inspired me to give my JARVIS a physical form.

Some already are aware that I already have a JARVIS like system installed in my whole house which carries out a multitude of tasks from being an automatic PVR (like Tivo but better), controlling the heating and hot water system, controlling lights... too much to list really but one day I will attempt it.

Anyway, since it doesn't currently use EZ-Builder or an EZ-B I haven't posted much about it on here, but that's changing for 2 reasons...

1. To inspire you guys to open a can of awesomeness and
2. Because finally JARVIS will become a real robot rocking an EZ-B.

Basing the design around a RAD V1 robot

So far all I've done to the RAD is stripped it down - why they soldered every connection is beyond me!..

A lot of the choices I make on this project will be chosen by JARVIS. I will be adding some scripting so that I can ask him things like "What colour do you want to be?" and he will choose... this should make it interesting:D

Like I said, his brain is existing and has been for around 2 years, with new features being added all the time. You know what, let JARVIS tell you himself a little bit about him:D

For more, check out Jarvis Youtube Channel or (under construction)

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Excellent job Rich. Thanks for sharing your progress. :)
Rich you are a power house of ideas. I will be using many of them in my build on Questor. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks :)

As always, here's the protoboard layout for the LED circuit. 3 pin header connects to EZ-B with jumpers (you could solder wires direct if you wanted).

User-inserted image

Throw a resistor between Vcc and an empty track (there are 2 there) and then another LED between that and ground and boom, you have a power indicator too.
How simple is that!:) Pure wizard idea! Richezmon itor! ...used by all..thanks for the generosity! .....A mere glance will indicate the power state....I am thinking a small buzzer for those who are not in the same room:)
I read all the way to the end?
What happened to Jarvis?
He has so much potential!
United Kingdom
This one was shelved, at least for the time being. It may make a come back if I get more time but other things have taken priority.

At least the physical robot is shelved. Jarvis still runs my house.