Big NallyCat a large version of open cat


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After I posted the pictures of my Robot NallyCat a 3d printed version of opencat.  I am still waiting for the Controller Card to arrive from China.  I was in need of a project, My Android head Buddy is waiting for parts but it is finished except for programming, I will show Buddy to you in a couple of days  and I had mentioned that I was thinking of making A Large open cat version using full sized servos. so I could install a camera, sensors, etc.  Sooo, here is a couple of pictures of Big NallyCat which took a little longer to print then open cat.  I had a Spool of Red and that is why the Cats are red. the Filament I use and the only type of filament I use  is PET-g because PET-g is so strong there is very little infill 15% and I don't use much support if at all, these are tests prints of a concept,  I have never had PET-g filament  warp or come loose from the print bed and the parts are easily removed when the bed is cold.  Have a look and if you have questions, I am always here lurking .     I see a lot of Inmoov owners like myself were interested in open cat, but they wanted a large one,  I know we like Larger Robots. 

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here are the files and the amount to enlarge the parts,  just one note if you do try to make this robot, it is a test of concept and it is still not complete so do not become angry with me if you have a failure.  I will try to help and you can contribute your ideas to me also, especially with the arduino and programming, not my fortay.  we can make this a Synthiam community project..  This picture shows tibia part, note I do not use support when printing so the top edge has excessive material but it is easily cleaned up, I did not clean the parts up.  also the servo horns on full size servos are not as large compared to small servos so they are a little short, note I used a servo screw to secure the ends, this works fine and is no big deal as it is secure.  I use wood screws to hold the servos in,  the servos on the body shown in the picture fit very tight and you may have to use a dremel tool to remove just a small amount to make them fit.  some I did and some I din't have to ease the socket this varies with servos.  I use Pet-g filament, printed on a glass bed with hair spray I use Aussie brand as the other popular brands are not easy to find in Canada.  Infill is 15%  bed temp is 80 deg and extruder is 245 deg.  the parts "cat servo- shaft" are made in 2 sizes 66% increase for 4 units and 75% for 4 units.                                                                                                                               Down load the files from  search for OpenCat no space between open and Cat  open your Print program and enlarge the parts. I use simplify3d.  which is the best I have ever used.                                                                                                                                                                                 cat-body.stl     enlarge 66%         In simplify3d that would be changed from 100% @ to 166% Etc. Etc. for all parts
 cat-body-board-holder.stl   I have not printed yet as this will fit the board used                                                                                                                             cat-body-front-end.stl   enlarge 66%                                                                                                                                                                                               cat-eyes.stl    I have not printed yet as I have to fit a camera                                                                                                                                                           cat-femur.stl  enlarge 75%                                                                                                                                                                                                                cat-head.stl  enlarge 65%                                                                                                                                                                                                                  cat-servo-shaft.stl     enlarge 4 of these to 66% and enlarge 4 more at 75%                                                                                                                                     cat-tail.stl  enlarge 65%                                                                                                                                                                                                                     cat-tibia.stl enlarge 45%                                                                                                                                                                                                                     User-inserted imageUser-inserted image
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Thanks Bruce, I totally understand about proof of concept’
Its a great starting point.

Unfortunately I have my 3D printer ( Flashforge Dreamer ) dual head assembly stripped down at the moment, due to a couple of faults.
so it will be a little while before I can start playing around with prints.
My 3d printers are in good shape so I will be printing the cat out for testing with an IO Tiny and I am working on a robotic dragon using an EZ Robot V4.
Both will have a moving head with a camera inside.
@mcsdaver  I also have an IO Tiny and was going to use it BUT the IO Tiny does not have enough servo ports. I also think that the success of this design is the use of the  MPU-605 circuit board as it is what makes a quadruped robot stable when walking.  I do not have enough knowledge for doing this but maybe DJ could give us a suggestion on how to use the  MPU-605 with an IO Tiny, or a EZ Robot V4   I will be  using an arduino board and if anyone has a suggestion on what Camera to use with it, please tell me what I should buy.  I like the dragon Idea, I think that would look cool.
I forgot the head needs 2 servos and another for the tail.
I will be using  V4 for both robots then.
EZ Robot can use a gyro, so that is not a problem.