Big NallyCat a large version of open cat


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After I posted the pictures of my Robot NallyCat a 3d printed version of opencat.  I am still waiting for the Controller Card to arrive from China.  I was in need of a project, My Android head Buddy is waiting for parts but it is finished except for programming, I will show Buddy to you in a couple of days  and I had mentioned that I was thinking of making A Large open cat version using full sized servos. so I could install a camera, sensors, etc.  Sooo, here is a couple of pictures of Big NallyCat which took a little longer to print then open cat.  I had a Spool of Red and that is why the Cats are red. the Filament I use and the only type of filament I use  is PET-g because PET-g is so strong there is very little infill 15% and I don't use much support if at all, these are tests prints of a concept,  I have never had PET-g filament  warp or come loose from the print bed and the parts are easily removed when the bed is cold.  Have a look and if you have questions, I am always here lurking .     I see a lot of Inmoov owners like myself were interested in open cat, but they wanted a large one,  I know we like Larger Robots. 

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Hi proteusy  just a few days ago i got the controller from china for the small nallycat, it would also work for the big nallycat, I want to try this controller with synthiam plugin for arduino nano.  my problem is getting the program for the open cat to load into the arduino I keep getting error msgs.  the same problems I had when installing arduino controllers on my inmoov robot, and why I went with ez-robot.  programming arduino is a pain in the butt.  as for using mpu-6050 there are tutorials in synthiam for that,    my Idea is to use arduino first with the open cat already designed setup and then add EZ-B after it is working.
What error messages do you get? I loaded the open cat to the arduino with no problems.
Hi proteusy  which file did you load? the one for opencat on thingiverse or the one from open cat nibbles site. I am using the controller from the thingiverse site as I am using the HuaDuino controller.  the files are from github and have unknown characters that arduino does not recognize.
No I had trouble with the libraries also   what version of arduino software are you using?
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The latest one 1.8.9.