Published on November 15 2015

A New Hand For Inmoov?

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I've been working on a new hand idea for my InMoov robot. I seriously hacked the Exiii Handii. Their original design had the thumb and index finger moving independently and the other three fingers moving together. I changed it so that all of the fingers move independently and I managed to get all of the finger servos in the hand. I added a wrist movement using one of EZ-Robots Lever servos and the forearm and wrist rotation is from the original InMoov design. Of course it is all controlled with an EZBv4.
Here's a video of it working.

A picture of the back of the hand.

User-inserted image

Then I got playing around with some Flex sensors sewn to a glove I made awhile ago when I first made my InMoov. It took a lot of work, back then, to get it work with an Arduino. So I followed the tutorial on Flex sensors by Steve G and it was EZ to hook up to the v4. Nice tutorial Steve!
Sorry about the quality of this video.

My next goal with this project is to get it running with some ECG leads to control it by flexing muscles.
December 11 2015
Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate them. Here's a short video on how I put the servos in the hand. Nothing too hi-tech a dremel tool, hot glue gun, heat gun and some screws. I'll see how it stands up, I may have design something better to connect the hand to the wrist. Yes, it handles a bottle of water no problem. I'm going to put some Sugru on the fingers to improve the grip on smooth objects.
December 11 2015
Hello Bob,

nice video!

Slowly i check out what you did!

Ok, a dremel i have!

I think the middle of the Hand i must print with PLA and the Fingers with FilaFlex?

Or only the FFX parts with FilaFlex?

Can you tell us which parts you use?

I think its:



2x FFX_-_Finger_Hinge_Plate.stl

But i did find the Covers for Hand inside and outside (Left and right)

And can you tell me where i can download this EZ-Holder?

December 11 2015
Hi Boris, I printed Hand Body and fingers in PLA and the hinges with flexible filament.
The EZ Robot servo holder is found in Community/3D Printing, here's a link,
The palm cover is here -
I filled it in then printed it. I had to increase the size so you have to play with it a bit.
December 12 2015
Hi Bob,

oki doki now i think i will start to print!

But the cover still make me problems.

I can´t fill holes in a 3d program!

Maybe if you design later some cool covers for the hands and maybe a cool wrist, you can share.

Meanwhile i will print all stuff, what i can print and then we will see.


PS: Your idea with the IR Sensor is great! Easy to build, but i must say a huge possibility!

I will try to put some pressur sensors in the fingertops, that the inmoov will know when he grap to hard.

I inform you what i will done!
December 12 2015
I think pressure sensors would be a great addition, I think some other builders have done this too. I'm thinking of adding flexible finger joints to the original InMoov hand - I'll keep you posted.