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So my second EZ-Kit turns up and rather than start a strip down of Wall-E or Omnibot like I had planned I decided to build "Testbot".

Testbot is a low cost (built from whatever was lying around) robot built with the specific purpose of testing scripts and ideas.

It's entirely held together with tape other than the EZ-B which is held on with zip ties.

4 modified servos provide 4 wheel drive, although the mismatched tyres make for interesting movement.

A single micro servo fixed to the front holds the ultra sonic sensor for radar/sweep.

A single Sharp short range IR sensor is also mounted on the front, held on with tape strategically positioned between the IR LEDs.

The camera is held on with tape and has had the camera mod made to it for power and control via the EZB.

And that's it:)

Testbot has been constructed in such a way that additional sensors and accessories can easily be added. This means that most issues people may come across can be loaded on to testbot and a solution found easier. It also means all scripts can be checked and corrected or improved and tested.

He may not be pretty (yet) but he sure is going to come in useful!..

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He has changed slightly since the video... but here it is anyway:)

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Rich, thanks for creating a Solution Bot for the forum. As you say, it should be very handy for debugging hardware/software issues that I'm sure will show up.

United Kingdom

Well I was almost struggling the other day with a script and no way of testing it other than stripping the EZ-B out of my hearoid (something I don't want to do) and ended up needing to emulate the sensor reading and movement with random numbers and the floor map/movement panel.

And every time I help I learn more which is basically a win win. The more I learn the better my robots will be:)

And it was a nice little filler for while I wait for the next part of the hearoid build to turn up. I couldn't leave an EZ-B unused all weekend.

I can see it being very handy for the home dock auto charge thingy when I get cracking on that. Although by that time I may have submitted to the desires to buy a decent little rover/wild thumper chassis.


I'm glad you've got your ez-b Rich, if it was a fast way to analyze and write scripts, now prove it on the robot accelerates your personal speed. Advantages of this type of robots: fast access to the battery and ez-b and modifications of all kinds. Took several days off of the navigation and radar, immersed in a new topic, future robot ball priate publish clarify some details, but I hope to keep attentive to the subject of your robot and navigation between:)