Using The Sure Dc Ss503v100 With Ezb4 From Ez-robots

Luis Vazquez


Using the Sure DC SS503V100 with EZB4 from EZ-Robots

Using UART Communication

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We will be using these pins on the Sure Compass

Pin 3 (RX) on Compass to the (TX) pin on EZB4 UART

Pin 4 (TX) on Compass to the (RX) pin on EZB4 UART

Pin 5 (OPT) on Compass to the (3.3v) pin on EZB4 UART

OPT is set HIGH by adding the 3.3v to change the device from I2C to UART communication.

Pin 22 (+3.3v) on Compass to the (3.3v) pin on EZB4 UART

Pin 24 (Gnd) on Compass to the (Gnd) pin on EZB4 UART

This is all the wireing needed. I'm not sure how long the wires can be but i have tested it with 4 foot of wire and had not issues with it.

(updated video)

A little video showing the scripts in action.

Also you can get all the code from the public cloud.

Hope this helps.

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Rock on , Let me know how it goes. I'm working on a better example of using Arduino board as i2c device for multiple sensors.


Seem to read good but since i have it on a six . moving the bot and looping here causes slow reactions. If i was using a dc motor controller that would not be issue . I will work it out later and see what can be done.


Are you having any issues sending or receiving any unsigned chr through the UART.. I'm finding that I can't send any value over 177. If I do the value sent or received is 63. I have no issues sending unsigned chr with my arduino.


I have not tried that but will do. Im about 2 steps a way from that side of the code. I have been working on a tutorial for using and arduono as an i2c Sensor Controller

Ill post a link here soon as i have it up .


@Luis Vazquez, what is the title in the cloud? Can't seem to find it. Anyone?