Asked March 20 2013

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hello all,
im in the process of building my first ez robot and ive realized how much i truly have to learn at once. anyway when i ordered my rover 5 chassis (4 motor w/ encoders model) i opted to go with the dagu 4ch motor driver since it supported the encoders. i now realize that as a beginner wanting to jump in head first this wasnt the best idea. im fairly certain ive figured out how to correctly connect the driver to ez-b and both to my 6v sla power source, but if anyone has a diagram of how to do this properly i would feel more comfortable. my major problem is scripting a custom control panel to drive this thing. i have no clue what im doing and a push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

maybe DJ will add this motor controller in a future update? as i understand it ez-robot works very closely with dagu and carrys the rover 5 in store so it seems likely. ill cross my fingers.
March 23 2013
March 24 2013
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March 24 2013
this is my obstacle. can anyone help? ive posted my problem in a few related threads and i almost got help once.
April 9 2013
..So I thought before re-wiring, I would try editing Rich's script, to try and get the directions right etc. I hooked up the logic power, then connected the motor power and had an unexpected encounter with Puff the Magic Smoke. :/ Thankfully from the Dagu board, not the EzB. No idea why, though. Checked, double-checked, triple-checked the wiring, everything okay.

Unhooked everything, plugged in Logic power, then motor power and a second coming of Puff, some more magic smoke. :/


- Bill.
April 10 2013
so awesome! drove it around my livingroom for too long (if you test it 3 times, your playing with it).

one question though, when i was putting things back together more permanatly i forgot to plug the +5v and gnd from the ez-b to power the logic. It was unplugged the entire time i was scripting the rest of the custom Movement Panel and through all the "testing" i did once i had it right. what exactly is this powering?
April 10 2013
That's concerning Bill, can you send it back under warranty?

Great news Robohobo. I have no idea what it powers though. It may be +5V to supply the microcontroller as I have recently learnt some other controllers have... but I'm guessing.
April 10 2013
It's difficult; I can't, in good conscience, completely rule out user error. I should really know better than to fiddle with complex things when it's stupid-o-clock and I've just got up.

Thankfully, the dagu boards aren't expensive, so another one is already on it's way. With a nothing-before-10am ban on it lol

Any idea on the common ground thing btw?
April 12 2013
I grounded everything as @Rich originally suggested (the ports that control pwm and dir are grounded to Gnd of the corresponding channel on the dagu board) and it works great! Why exactly is it done this way? can anyone steer me to where i can learn more about proper grounding?