ARC Release 2015.12.15.00

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- Significant performance increase and stability with scripts and ControlCommand() between controls. The scripting engine thread model has been rewritten - experiences 100% increase in EZ-Script performance.

- Auto Position engine is using a new threading model task factory. Increased Stability and less CPU usage

- Sound EZ-B v4 module threading model updated. Uses less cpu and memory while playing audio

- Video EZ-B v4 camera module updated threading. Increased stability and no longer locks up the UI for 2 seconds when attempting to connect to EZ-B v4 camera
merne, it would be useful if you provided information, such as what controls you are using. How are you making the jaw move, etc...
@DJ i'm using the talk servo on board 1D 18 I uploaded my project on the cloud it's called Gideon1

After thinking about it maybe I should have uninstalled the later version before updating your new version of software

Thanks DJ
PS I have to get up very early tomorrow so I won't work on it tonight but again thank you for all your work
The Talk servo Control? I'll take a look and see if anything had changed there. It hdn't been touched in a while.
Thank DJ. BTY, I uninstalled the older software version and install the new version 1215 2015 and it does Preevent the talk servocontrol from moving the servo thanks for looking in to this.
I concur with merne, the talk servo isn't working on my project either. When I first tried the new version it worked for a second or 2 and then the talk servo quit working. Reinstalling the previous version of EZ Builder put it back to working again.