Release 2015.12.15.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Significant performance increase and stability with scripts and ControlCommand() between controls. The scripting engine thread model has been rewritten - experiences 100% increase in EZ-Script performance.

- Auto Position engine is using a new threading model task factory. Increased Stability and less CPU usage

- Sound EZ-B v4 module threading model updated. Uses less cpu and memory while playing audio

- Video EZ-B v4 camera module updated threading. Increased stability and no longer locks up the UI for 2 seconds when attempting to connect to EZ-B v4 camera
United Kingdom
Wow, that's some overhaul. Great work DJ, and many thanks indeed for your efforts. Performance increase is always welcome.;)
Hay! Just ran this release through the paces. I can tell a big difference in performance. What really stands out for me is a sound issue that had devolved is now gone. I've been having problems with sound files played from the soundboard control clipping ever since I removed a line leveler from my robots sound system. Now my sound tracks listed in the Soundboard control play fully to the end all the time. I still have to reinstall that line leveler but it's good to have this issue apparently resolved without more hardware. Thanks and nice work!
after loading the latest software release when my robot talks his jaw servo no longer moves I uninstalled The new software release and put a version from October and the servos move working now is anyone else having this problem or am I missing something thanks
merne, it would be useful if you provided information, such as what controls you are using. How are you making the jaw move, etc...
@DJ i'm using the talk servo on board 1D 18 I uploaded my project on the cloud it's called Gideon1

After thinking about it maybe I should have uninstalled the later version before updating your new version of software

Thanks DJ
PS I have to get up very early tomorrow so I won't work on it tonight but again thank you for all your work
The Talk servo Control? I'll take a look and see if anything had changed there. It hdn't been touched in a while.
Thank DJ. BTY, I uninstalled the older software version and install the new version 1215 2015 and it does Preevent the talk servocontrol from moving the servo thanks for looking in to this.
I concur with merne, the talk servo isn't working on my project either. When I first tried the new version it worked for a second or 2 and then the talk servo quit working. Reinstalling the previous version of ARC put it back to working again.