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There has been a lot of talk recently about adding conversational A.I. to your robot. Many years ago, I created a learning A.I. called Synthia. I appreciate the interest in Synthia, however she'd require a bit of work to go public. So, a few of you have mentioned PandoraBots - which is an online bot hosting service.

This release introduces a PandoraBot Control, found under the Speech category when adding controls. Please use the ? to read details on how this control works, and the issues with speech recognition. There is also an Example Project you may load to review functionality.

If you create your own Bot, you may also add speech commands that are specific to your robot. If you review the example that I had included, you will notice that "Move servo Left" will execute EZ-Script. Any response that includes EZ-Script can be surrounded by [ and ]. The help page will explain more:)


- New Control: PandoraBot Artificial Intelligence

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About 5 feet or more,havent fully tested the distance,pretty soon looking at designing a special voice tracker to go with it,simple circuit using the great EZB analog inputs and one servo for panning

Kinda like the camera tracking we have ,but for voice
already bought 5 of them

Looking at a much better circuit design,andrea microphone uses a array of a few microphones in its design

MY idea is a scanning array like the larson led snanner but with microphones and a special min/max comparator circuit ,so if your voice is on the left of the robot will pick it up ,and same on the right or middle

BUT that will take a lot of designing and testing
United Kingdom
Don't think that the Kinect mic array is any use though, just to throw this out there (I know nobody has mentioned it but I guarantee some will have thought it). It isn't the greatest when used on a PC.
ALAN most robots dont need a 30 feet range,most average rooms at 10 by 10
so well under 10 feet is good

RICH i have a few KINECTS and i agree with you,kinect nicrophone is not great at all
i dont think they use any filters or noise cancelling circuits in it
I would prefer 8 feet to 5 for the best coverage, but not at 5x the price. When you finish your voice tracking design, I may give the one you recommend a try.


Thanks for this update! I just saw it today. PANDORABOTS! Yippee! I've been building pandorabots for about 5 years now.

I'm going to try it out later with Betty9.

I need to keep up. The book I have been writing on robots has taken all my robot BUILDING time.


PS. Do you want to put a coupon in my robot book, "I, Robot Builder"? I will have an EZ robot project in one of the chapters. It comes out in October.

Click here to see the book listed on