ARC Release 2013.01.30.00

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This is one of my most proud releases of EZ-Builder yet! When we advance the functionality of the EZ-Builder Robot Control Software, sometimes your projects will need to be updated also... This is one of those updates:)

The major change in this update is the servo Configuration in all controls that use Servos. All servo Controls now support Multiple Servos! This is a very unique feature to EZ-Robot and an excellent example of how innovative our product is. I'm very excited to see what amazing uses this feature will be used for.

*Note: Existing projects will need the servo ports and ranges re-selected for this update.


- Auto Position Editor has ALT-KEY shortcuts for common used functions

- Background Images added to Auto Position and Virtual Robot are resized to decrease EZB saved file size

- QR Code Generator has a help file (when clicked on ? question mark icon)

- WaitForSpeech() displays a popup with available commands, and also displays a countdown timer

- All servo Controls support Multiple Servos (camera, ez430, Joystick, Wiimote, servo Pad, servo Horizontal, servo Vertical, Sound Servo, Vuzix, etc)

- Controls that support Mulitple Servos can also be adjusted by a ratio.

- Digital Controls display custom text instead of ON/OFF

- MP3TriggerPlay() bug fix (does not require Speech Recognition Control)

- Speech Recognition has a "Display available commands" button

- Preferences has option to hide default EZ-Robot Wallpaper

- Some of the CONFIG buttons have changed to icons instead of txt. All will eventually be changed.

- EZ-SDK has also been updated

- New EZ-Script ControlCommands to Show/Hide the available speech commands

- Relative servo Control updated with new multi servo editor

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User-inserted image
New Zealand
@DJSures can we have a few settings on this new voice commands screen for full screen, colour and size of font? Perhaps even a line or two of text to repeat the question asked.... hmmm, possibly a graphic as well.... liking this new feature. It could easily become a visual front end!
So what does this mean in a practical sense? Is there gonna be a video for this?
I have missed ..ahem... a few major software releases and all my saved files are not loading using the latest update (EZ-Builder Version 2013.03.18.00) with an error window that looks like this..I believe the 2013.01.30 added multiple servos?
User-inserted image

My files WILL load with version 2013.01.12! whew! I think i will require the 2013.01.30 version to allow my files to load..I am gonna thank Rich or DJ in advance and including ALL the EZ community:)
United Kingdom
I don't have the 2013.01.30 version in my downloads, I only have a later one for around mid February. I saw there was a post not so long ago with a similar issue, I will see if I can find it shortly.
IRobot can you post you project file here and ill recover it for you:)
Thank you DJ ! ..........problem is, my one major file is 28 megs! not including the other smaller 13 meg zodiac files. It may be easier to forward? the 2013.01.30 file and I can rebuild it that way!?..your thoughts greatly appreciated! :)