Release 2013.01.30.00

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This is one of my most proud releases of ARC yet! When we advance the functionality of the ARC Robot Control Software, sometimes your projects will need to be updated also... This is one of those updates:)

The major change in this update is the servo Configuration in all controls that use Servos. All servo Controls now support Multiple Servos! This is a very unique feature to EZ-Robot and an excellent example of how innovative our product is. I'm very excited to see what amazing uses this feature will be used for.

*Note: Existing projects will need the servo ports and ranges re-selected for this update.


- Auto Position Editor has ALT-KEY shortcuts for common used functions

- Background Images added to Auto Position and Virtual Robot are resized to decrease EZB saved file size

- QR Code Generator has a help file (when clicked on ? question mark icon)

- WaitForSpeech() displays a popup with available commands, and also displays a countdown timer

- All servo Controls support Multiple Servos (camera, ez430, Joystick, Wiimote, servo Pad, servo Horizontal, servo Vertical, Sound Servo, Vuzix, etc)

- Controls that support Mulitple Servos can also be adjusted by a ratio.

- Digital Controls display custom text instead of ON/OFF

- MP3TriggerPlay() bug fix (does not require Speech Recognition Control)

- Speech Recognition has a "Display available commands" button

- Preferences has option to hide default EZ-Robot Wallpaper

- Some of the CONFIG buttons have changed to icons instead of txt. All will eventually be changed.

- EZ-SDK has also been updated

- New EZ-Script ControlCommands to Show/Hide the available speech commands

- Relative servo Control updated with new multi servo editor

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User-inserted image
Thanks DJ

Brilliant servo feature, well done

so does this remoev the need for relative servo?
Not entirely... Relative servo will move other servos based on a master servo. It's similar - but not the same.
I love this one! Very slick! Your work just keeps getting better and better.
New Zealand
All I have to say is that @DJSures can read minds....

I have just spent the last few days making notepad pages pop up with the available voice command list.... this update does exactly that but 10 times better

Thanks DJ Sures
*Update: new ControlCommand to Show/Hide speech recognition list by EZ-Script. There is an example to demonstrate. Also, all new add-ons of speech recognition control contain the new speech commands to show/hide the list.

PS, thanks for the kind words everyone:D
where is the, "make me a sandwich button"!?!?!
New Zealand
Nah don't need it....
Got replaced with a "Make me a Coffee" voice command!
This is the one I've been waiting on. Very nice job.
New Zealand
@DJSures can we have a few settings on this new voice commands screen for full screen, colour and size of font? Perhaps even a line or two of text to repeat the question asked.... hmmm, possibly a graphic as well.... liking this new feature. It could easily become a visual front end!
So what does this mean in a practical sense? Is there gonna be a video for this?
I have missed ..ahem... a few major software releases and all my saved files are not loading using the latest update (ARC Version 2013.03.18.00) with an error window that looks like this..I believe the 2013.01.30 added multiple servos?
User-inserted image

My files WILL load with version 2013.01.12! whew! I think i will require the 2013.01.30 version to allow my files to load..I am gonna thank Rich or DJ in advance and including ALL the EZ community:)
United Kingdom
I don't have the 2013.01.30 version in my downloads, I only have a later one for around mid February. I saw there was a post not so long ago with a similar issue, I will see if I can find it shortly.
IRobot can you post you project file here and ill recover it for you:)
Thank you DJ ! ..........problem is, my one major file is 28 megs! not including the other smaller 13 meg zodiac files. It may be easier to forward? the 2013.01.30 file and I can rebuild it that way!?..your thoughts greatly appreciated! :)