ARC Release 2012.10.23.00

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This latest EZ-Builder release includes a new interface and enhancements. The new menu interface promotes productivity by making the most common features accessible. Add functions to your robot faster than ever!

- New Menu interface update to increase productivity. Common menu items are more accessable
- Vuzix Augmented Reality displays connect/disconnect status
- sound servo bug fix when not connected to ez-b
- new EZ-Script Speech Recognition ControlCommand "PauseMS". Pauses the speech recognition for the specified number of MS. (i.e. ControlCommand("Speech Recogniton", PauseMS, 500) will pause for 500 ms)
- new optional parameter for MP3 Trigger Play. Pauses Speech Recognition for specified MS
- EZ-Cloud interface enhancements
- New Add Control Menu Interface
- New Examples interface
- New Windows List Menu interface for manipulating controls in projects with lots of controls


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That helped a-little but EZ-Builder is still responding very slowly to mouse inputs while the scanners are running also after i finally do disconnect and close the window I'm getting a windows error "EZ-Builder has stopped working"

I have not had a single issue up until the last release.
@Putt_Putt This may be a silly question, but do you have actual sensors for each panel or just running the software? And out of curiosity (safe since I am not a cat :P) what are you testing... full 360deg radar coverage? How would you use that data?
I actually have four sensors connected at this time, I want to use probably 6 but so far that's not going to happen with the radar scan panels.

As for the usage at this time that is not an issue but 360 radar is 1 option.

And using the data could be used to either avoid or track objects in multiple directions at near the same time.

I understand I could use the distant panels or collision panels but I want all my options available to me if the EZ-Builder program can provide it.

I didn't think that there would be a problem with multiple Radar panels but obviously there is and I'm just thoroughly exhausting the possibility of using using multiple Radar Scan Panels before I opt out on the EZ-B as an exclusive Radar sensor module in my overall project.
@Putt_Putt I like the radar panel myself for it's visual aspect... but as it is seems exclusively designed for the purpose of moving a servo, running a ping sensor, controlling a Movement Panel and a fancier display all at the same time (as opposed to just one or two actions with simpler displays of the other sensor panel options), I can see how running so many multiple panels might over-task either the EZ-B and/or EZ-Builder, especially if one or more of the signals is being redirected to a virtual nowhere... but even with actual servos in play, that's a lot of data being tossed around every few ms. Also, every new release adds some new features, so what may have worked in the past may not work as smoothly as other background tasks are added (and who knows, except them "programmers":) what happens different in Microsoft's .NET versions 3.5 and 4 that might add to the issue. I know I am running into a wall or two myself with other issues:)

I only have the one ping sensor, so can't test and compare notes :(... but please let us know what you find out over time... it will probably helps someone else down the road:D
Sorry , I disagree with the over tasking thought.:)

The program is running on the computer that you are using and I have an atomic reactor boiling eggs for that part.

If you look at some of these project examples on the site they are far more advanced than what I am trying to do just now.

I think that the more we advance on our ideas for our robots that more issues with the program are going to show.

I've also noticed that others are having problems with the new release also so I'll wait again for the Great Puba to see what he comes up with this time.
No prob... it was just my thoughts as I do not have the parts to test with and thus give a qualified result based on my own, smaller, reactor core:) Also, the EZ-B and blue-tooth are also part of the link in processing and passing of data, not just the PC powerhouse. I was having many issues until Josh kindly slapped my forehead for me and pointed out my aging blue-tooth dongle was the culprit:)

And ditto on the new issues as new releases come out... inevitable I suppose as more features get added then more glitches surface as more people do things that even great programmers can't possibly anticipate:) We are the final testing ground! (AKA guinea pigs :D) I am just glad that DJ actually seems to listen, even if he doesn't have time to always acknowledge such.