ARC Android/windows 2014.11.06.00

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Ready to start making your robot dance to music? Move to sounds and speech recordings? Well, this release includes a beta version of a feature which will revolutionize the Revolution:)


- new First Time tutorial message with links to learn section

- Soundboard v4 has a script editor which allows you to assign scripts to run at specified times during audio playback

This video uses the new soundboard v4 feature:)

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@justin, nope I have two EZB v4s!
Great inspirational moment DJ. It's amazing how/when these things come to you. And there you were all wiped out and exhausted from the day!
do you have to play the game for signing up?
i dont see it.
@nomad... whatcha' talkin' about dude? What game? Sign up for what?

the link dj has for free music if you sign up below