Android/windows 2014.11.06.00

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Ready to start making your robot dance to music? Move to sounds and speech recordings? Well, this release includes a beta version of a feature which will revolutionize the Revolution:)


- new First Time tutorial message with links to learn section

- Soundboard v4 has a script editor which allows you to assign scripts to run at specified times during audio playback

This video uses the new soundboard v4 feature:)

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United Kingdom
You just made the dancing robots so much easier!
r and r like it... lol the master is at work... lol

thanks dj

OMG. I was just wondering if there was a way to do this or how to write a script that would allow it. Nicely done again DJ!
This release will make a lot of folks really happy.
Yeah, i'm pretty much a mind reader!:D j/k

It has been on the list for nearly 2 years... I've taken a dozen attempts at it... I just could not figure out how to implement it until two days ago. The original versions were using Servos only, and not scripts. The original concept was drawing lines that would become relative servo positions. The more I tried to do it that way, the uglier and more confusing the interface got - and that isn't right for ezrobot:)

So, after a usual stressful day of feeling dizzy with constant decision makings... I came home early for a change - and it popped into my head, this way to do it using EZ-Scripts and markers.

Stayed up for the entire night and made it happen for you all:)
@fxrtst this will only for the V4, you still use a v3, correct?

@DJ do you think you'll do this for (PC) sound board as well in the future?
Maybe one day I can add it to soundboard pc, but its not a high priority at the moment.
@justin, nope I have two EZB v4s!
Great inspirational moment DJ. It's amazing how/when these things come to you. And there you were all wiped out and exhausted from the day!
do you have to play the game for signing up?
i dont see it.
@nomad... whatcha' talkin' about dude? What game? Sign up for what?

the link dj has for free music if you sign up below