EZ-Builder ARC Beta 2020.02.19.00

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Software Information
Welcome to the new ARC (Autonomous Robot Control) Software Beta!

Stable release of ARC is scheduled to replace EZ-Builder the first week of March, 2020

ARC includes many innovative features to empower you to lead the next generation of robotics. Such as an incredibly fast JavaScript ECMA 5.1 compiler for scripting, new threading engine, and many behind the scene performance enhancements. The new ARC is not only significantly faster, it offers the the dynamic power of JavaScript for robot programming.

Why ARC?
Synthiam has been active as a leader in robotics for a number of years. Trail blazing many approaches that are now common place to robots. We've been successful at making advanced technologies available to creative users, who want to build robots without messing about with complicated code.

"A story arc (also narrative arc) is an extended or continuing storyline in episodic storytelling media such as television, comic books, comic strips, boardgames, video games, and films with each episode following a dramatic arc. On a television program, for example, the story would unfold over many episodes."

We see our robot software being part of the story arc of robotics. By connecting your ideas to reality as we progress toward a future where robots co-exist alongside humans. It's our passion to connect the dots, fill in the gaps, and find the missing links of the industry.

For this, we're all part of an arc in the story of robotics.

Significant Changes
With this release, you will notice a much faster response in the UI and increased scripting execution time. The new JavaScript engine allows user definable functions, access to .Net objects through reflection, and functions defined by plugins. With .Net reflection, your programs have access to the entire operating system, .Net controls and ARC framework. That means presenting user dialog boxes, creating custom UI interfaces, and a lot more.

We'll begin updating the website documentation to provide examples of how to use these new features during the upcoming weeks.

Disclaimer: Beta Release Notice
This is a beta release of the software for testing and providing feedback to enhance your robot building experience. Backup your existing project files before using this software, in case you wish to roll back to EZ-Builder during the Beta test phase.

1) ARC uses a new advanced project file format. While this new format can load legacy EZ-Builder projects, any projects saved in the new ARC format or plugins that have been updated will not be backward compatible with EZ-Builder.

2) Mobile app will not load projects saved with ARC at this time.

3) Plugins have been updated to work with ARC and will not work with EZ-Builder. If plugins are updated, continue using ARC

4) This is beta, so please provide usage feedback

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Performance Examples:
Count to 100,000 with JavaScript: 0.0985902 seconds
Count to 100,000 with EZ-Script: 4.731215 seconds

Uninstall and Rollback
If you experience too many operational challenges with this Beta release, roll back to EZ-Builder is possible. Visit the Program & Features in your Windows menu and uninstall Arc. Following that, reboot, download EZ-Builder and install.

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- Initial beta release

- Fix for syntax highlight of JavaScript editor

- Fix for reading joystick configuration on legacy projects
- Fix for loading Blockly definition on editor
- Fix for sound board v4 displaying progress when playing during editing

- Added Console class for JavaScript editor
- Behind-the-scene enhancements and various fixes

- Fixes for javascript editor
- ControlCommand() from cheatsheet and right-click are properly escaped for javascript
- Performance improvements on existing functions

- Fixes for WiiMote and Joystick button scripts
- Additional Javascript help added to editor
- Additional user messaging added to plugin installer

- copy paste fix for javascript help document
- save manual for javascript saves the correct manual
- prompt for default programming language on first load
- script collection UI update
- added default value option for javascript GetVar(); for if variable object doesn't exist returns the default value
- added new javascript method VarExists() to check if a global variable exists

- append ; to controlcommand() from cheatsheet and right-click in editor
- Script Collection formatted correctly and displays lots of text for the title
- Uses new cloud authentication method that is secure (will require new login)
- New error handling within camera that logs plugin errors separately than the image updating

- removed EZ-Builder references in ezscript manual
- renamed ezscript controls in add control menu
- new error handling will log any catastrophic crashes and provide reasoning behind software unexpectedly shutting down. This usually happens from fault in a plugin, so now it'll be logged so the author can fix it

- javascript variables fix with ezscript (global) and javascript. Global variables have a $, and javascript doesn't (obviously :))
- New About window
- Improved logging for ezscript engine
- Fix for variable watcher throwing an exception because the timer loaded before the control UI initialized
- Stop camera when there is an error setting in Camera configuration. Default set to OFF, but can be turned on by the user
- control render performance improvement
- check for updates enhancement. Checks and prepares download link before loading the entire arc program for performance
- new exception handling for crashes from plugins

- speech synthesis control is reusable and can take multi lines (paragraphs). Jeremie loves when I call him out on stuff, so this was his request and I don't quite understand it but here it is anyway:D
- close button on the add control window
- Fix for error diagnostic uploader
- Improved error logging for unhandled exceptions
- Updated URLs in url manager
- Button script fix for interface builder
- Mobile interface control has been renamed to Interface Builder control because it's not used for only designing mobile apps anymore

- script monitor updated for Arc
- cloud open window closes when ESC is hit
- Some controls have a minimum size. To prevent people from losing buttons on controls that have been resized (i.e. auto position)

- startup performance improvement
- Updated latest CEF
- Fix for timeout of web queries (update, etc)
- Check for latest version of plugins when internet connected and new Arc version installed
Initialize folder structure in program Start
- raise an error in scripting if attempting to send ControlCommand() to a control that doesn't exist
- fix for occasional error during multithread processors when shutting down arc regarding disposing the ezb v4 sound driver
- ezb connections properly disposes removed connections
- ezbmanager improves handling up to 254 ezbs in a project
- ezb module is lighter with a few performance improvements

- Prioritized search path of libraries for 3rd party plugins
- Suppress debug log messages when application is shutting down
- Various performance & UI enhancements
Hey nice, So I managed to upgrade my windows 10 on the Latte Panda to a newer version of windows 10 Pro and the very first app I downloaded was that last version of EZ Builder windows before the Arc version. All problems are now magically fixed, I suspect that old windows that came with Latte Panda is now so old and outdated that it has stopped working with many newer programs.I do need to re install the Panda drivers as the touch panel does not work now but that is likely because there is no touch driver yet. Anyway,Woohoo now for some fun robot programming!


I suspect that old windows that came with Latte Panda is now so old and outdated that it has stopped working with many newer programs
I doubt that. It's more likely there was something corrupted or missing in that older version of Win 10. When you reinstalled new with old the issue was probably fixed or replaced. 

Anyway, it's always good to have things working 100% fast and true. Good job man!
Hey Dave, yes the new Windows is much better,fixed many problems, I even got the Arduino Leonardo working for first time on the other half of the Latte Panda, some interesting projects can be done there too!
#75   — Edited
Latest update is online. See the bottom of the first post for changes.
Dj, Thanks for the updated EZ-Builder ARC Beta 2020.02.17.00

all the best

Latest update includes some fixes and enhancements, specifically for supporting some 3rd party plugins