ARC Beta 2020.04.02.00

(Autonomous Robot Control Software)
Make robots with the easiest robot programming software. Experience user-friendly features that make any robot easy to program.

Change Release Notes

Welcome to the new ARC (Autonomous Robot Control) Software Beta!

Stable release of ARC is scheduled to replace "EZ Builder" end of April, 2020

ARC includes many innovative features to empower you to lead the next generation of robotics. Such as an incredibly fast JavaScript ECMA 5.1 compiler for scripting, new threading engine, and many behind the scene performance enhancements. The new ARC is not only significantly faster, it offers the the dynamic power of JavaScript for robot programming.

Why ARC? Synthiam has been active as a leader in robotics for a number of years. Trail blazing many approaches that are now common place to robots. We've been successful at making advanced technologies available to creative users, who want to build robots without messing about with complicated code.

"A story ARC (also narrative arc) is an extended or continuing storyline in episodic storytelling media such as television, comic books, comic strips, boardgames, video games, and films with each episode following a dramatic arc. On a television program, for example, the story would unfold over many episodes."

We see our robot software being part of the story ARC of robotics. By connecting your ideas to reality as we progress toward a future where robots co-exist alongside humans. It's our passion to connect the dots, fill in the gaps, and find the missing links of the industry.

For this, we're all part of an ARC in the story of robotics.

Significant Changes With this release, you will notice a much faster response in the UI and increased scripting execution time. The new JavaScript engine allows user definable functions, access to .Net objects through reflection, and functions defined by plugins. With .Net reflection, your programs have access to the entire operating system, .Net controls and ARC framework. That means presenting user dialog boxes, creating custom UI interfaces, and a lot more.

We'll begin updating the website documentation to provide examples of how to use these new features during the upcoming weeks.

Disclaimer: Beta Release Notice This is a beta release of the software for testing and providing feedback to enhance your robot building experience. Backup your existing project files before using this software, in case you wish to roll back to ARC during the Beta test phase.


  1. ARC uses a new advanced project file format. While this new format can load legacy ARC projects, any projects saved in the new ARC format or plugins that have been updated will not be backward compatible with ARC.

  2. Mobile app will not load projects saved with ARC at this time.

  3. Plugins have been updated to work with ARC and will not work with ARC. If plugins are updated, continue using ARC

  4. This is beta, so please provide usage feedback

User-inserted image

Performance Examples: Count to 100,000 with JavaScript: 0.0985902 seconds Count to 100,000 with EZ-Script: 4.731215 seconds

Uninstall and Rollback If you experience too many operational challenges with this Beta release, roll back to ARC is possible. Visit the Program & Features in your Windows menu and uninstall Arc. Following that, reboot, download ARC and install.

User-inserted image


  • Initial beta release


  • Fix for syntax highlight of JavaScript editor


  • Fix for reading joystick configuration on legacy projects
  • Fix for loading Blockly definition on editor
  • Fix for sound board v4 displaying progress when playing during editing


  • Added Console class for JavaScript editor
  • Behind-the-scene enhancements and various fixes


  • Fixes for javascript editor
  • Control command from cheatsheet and right-click are properly escaped for javascript
  • Performance improvements on existing functions


  • Fixes for WiiMote and Joystick button scripts
  • Additional Javascript help added to editor
  • Additional user messaging added to plugin installer


  • copy paste fix for javascript help document
  • save manual for javascript saves the correct manual
  • prompt for default programming language on first load
  • script collection UI update
  • added default value option for javascript GetVar(); for if variable object doesn't exist returns the default value
  • added new javascript method VarExists() to check if a global variable exists


  • append ; to ControlCommand() from cheatsheet and right-click in editor
  • Script Collection formatted correctly and displays lots of text for the title
  • Uses new cloud authentication method that is secure (will require new login)
  • New error handling within camera that logs plugin errors separately than the image updating


  • removed ARC references in ezscript manual
  • renamed ezscript controls in add control menu
  • new error handling will log any catastrophic crashes and provide reasoning behind software unexpectedly shutting down. This usually happens from fault in a plugin, so now it'll be logged so the author can fix it


  • javascript variables fix with ezscript (global) and javascript. Global variables have a $, and javascript doesn't (obviously :))
  • New About window
  • Improved logging for ezscript engine
  • Fix for variable watcher throwing an exception because the timer loaded before the control UI initialized
  • Stop camera when there is an error setting in Camera configuration. Default set to OFF, but can be turned on by the user
  • control render performance improvement
  • check for updates enhancement. Checks and prepares download link before loading the entire ARC program for performance
  • new exception handling for crashes from plugins


  • speech synthesis control is reusable and can take multi lines (paragraphs). Jeremie loves when I call him out on stuff, so this was his request and I don't quite understand it but here it is anyway :D
  • close button on the add control window
  • Fix for error diagnostic uploader
  • Improved error logging for unhandled exceptions
  • Updated URLs in url manager
  • Button script fix for interface builder
  • Mobile interface control has been renamed to Interface Builder control because it's not used for only designing mobile apps anymore


  • script monitor updated for Arc
  • cloud open window closes when ESC is hit
  • Some controls have a minimum size. To prevent people from losing buttons on controls that have been resized (i.e. auto position)


  • startup performance improvement
  • Updated latest CEF
  • Fix for timeout of web queries (update, etc)
  • Check for latest version of plugins when internet connected and new ARC version installed Initialize folder structure in program Start
  • raise an error in scripting if attempting to send ControlCommand() to a control that doesn't exist
  • fix for occasional error during multithread processors when shutting down ARC regarding disposing the ezb v4 sound driver
  • ezb connections properly disposes removed connections
  • ezbmanager improves handling up to 254 ezbs in a project
  • ezb module is lighter with a few performance improvements


  • Prioritized search path of libraries for 3rd party plugins
  • Suppress debug log messages when application is shutting down
  • Various performance & UI enhancements


  • Fix for closing a project with user interface that isn't marked for Primary


  • Migrates ARC to ARC projects (copies registry, copies projects, copies plugins)
  • renamed namespace to ARC (plugins must be recompiled and reinstalled)
  • Updated to .net 4.7.2 for enhanced dpi, performance and feature improvements
  • Do not display error for log diagnostic uploading if internet isn't available
  • Fix for logging Application exceptions
  • notify the user if the plugin is referencing ARC and requires an update to ARC
  • CONFIG PRESSSED override. Puts the config button in the title bar of controls to provide more real-estate
  • Changed title bar close and settings icons in master template
  • Performance improvement to controls
  • fix for javascript drone land and takeoff functions
  • i2c write byte for jeremie because he's lazy:D LOL
  • Various other fixes and improvements


  • Improved error handling in script executor
  • GUI improvements for user controls in plugins
  • Improvements and various fixes to existing controls
  • Fix for global variable that detected negative numbers as a string
  • Fixes for many javascript commands


  • disabled experimental smooth scrolling in javascript editor for rendering performance improvement
  • updated javascript syntax parser when editing
  • cloud saving prompts error if exceeding maximum file size to save
  • javascript editor keeps cursor position of last line rather than trying to parse the scope
  • default for servo profile to be set to false in a new project. Can be changed when saving to the cloud or configuring in project properties
  • saving displays message if the file was too large to be saved
  • intellisense parsing fix
  • Moved javascript Getvoltage and GetTemp from Utility to EZB
  • Added IsConnected to EZB in javascript
  • removed mpeg encoder in video recording because the codec doesn't exist in windows by default for mpeg2
  • to prevent tabs from being broken into multiple lines in the tab control, use the thin space unicode that prevents line breaks


  • performance enhancements to cloud open screen
  • added available plugin sync
  • plugin installer does not wait for keyboard input after successful installation of plugins via http
  • clicking on uninstalled plugin in add control menu will automatically download and install the plugin


  • fix for iotiny and v4 firmware updater
  • iotiny has latest production firmware in firmware installer
  • Removed sabertooth Movement Panel because it is now a plugin
  • Update available plugin list with software update


  • fixed downloading ezbits
  • fix for getting ezscript variable into javascript if numeric by forcing the type
  • allow updating plugins that are out dated from the add control menu
  • various performance improvements


  • several performance improvements to UI and layout of control content
  • do not distinct video devices. multiple video devices of same moniker can be used
  • Added new event to plugin control framework for PANIC STOP/RELEASE SERVOS. If a user presses the Options->Panic button, controls can bind to the event to stop per user request
  • added ezbmanager.formmain method for programatically raising the panic/stop/release servo event. Same as the user pressing the panic button from the Options->Panic ribbon menu
  • form script and script collection added to PANIC/STOP/RELEASE button


  • several video performance improvements
  • camera device has variable for glyph rotation degrees
  • glyph detection performance enhancement
  • increased error logging


  • glyph rotation accuracy improved
  • glyph performance improvement


  • Fix for Blockly getVoltage and getCPUTemp (moved from Script to EZB namespace)
  • fix for javascript editor intellisense with occasional double dot being inserted
  • file read manager and javascript file commands additions for binary and string methods
  • updated add control form
  • networking supports SOCKS Proxy Servers (configurable in preferences menu)
  • Fix error handling for open from cloud


  • trim phrase text for speech recognition incase someone puts a space at the end of the phrase O_o
  • fix for javascript servo Increment and Decrement
  • fixed logic for javascript waitfor methods where the engine may return null exception when stopping script
  • javascript method fixes: audio.sayEZBWait, net.HTTPPost, digital.toggle, and a few others
  • intellisense improvement
  • glyph performance improvements
  • Added File.GetLength and File.GetReadPosition javascript methods
  • blockly and RoboScratch workspace UI enhancements


  • added File.IsFileOpenForReading() javascript method
  • proper exception handling for missing control commands or ControlCommand() incorrect syntax
  • fix File.ReadLine()
  • fixed shortcut creator
  • fix javascript servo.increment
  • Fix error msg for Audio.soundNote() from javascript


  • various fixes and performance improvements
  • fixed wiimote when disconnecting from raising a catastrophic error


  • right click on downloaded plugin in Add Control to uninstall
  • Allow users to create a robot skill from ARC from the menu item next to Add Control. Visual Studio is required


  • integrated Jint into ARC namespace for convenience
  • enhancements to Create Control builder
  • enhancements to renderer

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  • GPT-Powered AI support
  • Free with trial limitations

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  • 2 or more PCs simultaneously
  • Includes unlimited skills
  • Premium support discount
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  • Load and run any ARC project
  • Operates in read-only mode
  • Unlimited robot skills
  • Early access fixes & features

Have you finished programming your robot? Use this to run existing ARC projects for free*.

  • Minimum requirements are Windows 10 or higher with 2+gb ram and 500+MB free space.
  • Recommended requirements are Windows 10 or higher with 8+gb ram and 1000+MB free space.
  • ARC Free known-issues can be viewed by clicking here.
  • Get more information about each ARC edition by clicking here.
  • See what's new in the latest versions with Release notes.

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Feature ARC
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Simultaneous microcontroller connections* 1 255
Robot skills* 20 Unlimited
Skill Store plugins* 1 Unlimited
Cognitive services usage** 10/day 6,000/day
Auto-positions gait actions* 40 Unlimited
Speech recongition phrases* 10 Unlimited
Camera devices* 1 Unlimited
Vision resolution max 320x240 Unlimited
Interface builder* 2 Unlimited
Cloud project size 128 MB
Cloud project revision history Yes
Create Exosphere requests 50/month
Exosphere API access Contact Us
Volume license discounts Contact Us
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* Per robot project
** 1,000 per cognitive type (vision recognition, speech recognition, face detection, sentiment, text recognition, emotion detection, azure text to speech)


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I’ll be the first to chime in and say congratulations. I think we have all been looking forward to this rewrite. Rebrand is probably needed as you put more mileage between Synthiam and EZ-Robot. But probably will get confusing for new users. I look forward to the coming weeks as the new ARC pages fill Synthiam site.

#2   — Edited

thanks for the program


Ang, you are installing the incorrect MSI file if you continually get the incorrect version. When you download a file and a file already exists, it'll create a (1) or (2) or (3) copy of the file. Look at the date time of the file and install the latest one.

However, the error message you displayed may be from a plugin? Any more you can tell me?

#4   — Edited

I looked in my downloaded files on my computer, only have one copy of ARC


That appears to be an incompatible plugin - which is AIMLBot. Thanks for providing that feedback. We'll slowly be updating plugins for compatibility. Our first priority is to get the base operation of ARC stable before updating the plugins.


Yes Bing Speech Recognition -

ok, thanks


Okay - so that's "Advanced Speech Recognition" or "Bing Speech Recognition". Because those are different. Can you verify which control it is?


Bing Speech Recognition   with AIML bot


Great! I'll update them today for ARC compatibility for ya


wonderful, cheers!


I just downloaded the ARC ARC Beta 2020.01.24.00

I know you will fix this late.

Just to let you know, I still get these errors

Bing Speech Recognition

Silence: 1 Silence: 2 Silence: 3 Silence: 4 Silence: 1 Silence: 2 Sending data (28846 Bytes) Data Sent! Response: How are you Start Script

Error on line 1: Could not load type 'EZ_Builder.Scripting.EZScriptManager' from assembly 'ARC, Version=2015.8.9.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c3a3457c97d352d9'. Done (00:00:00.0203447)

Debug screen: 2020/01/24 10:55:44 -06:00 - Error on line 1: Could not load type 'EZ_Builder.Scripting.EZScriptManager' from assembly 'ARC, Version=2015.8.9.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c3a3457c97d352d9'.


What plugin are you using? It is not Bing speech recognition. Is it Advanced Speech Recognition? Please provide the correct plugin

#13   — Edited

The BingSpeech Recognition is now working with the AIML - but no audio now

something changed


Please use the correct plugin title for clarification. I believe you are referring to Advanced Speech Recognition. Can you clarify?

What do you mean by "no audio now"


I had everything working

Now when I ask a question in the BingSpeechRecognition, like before, the answer come out in the AIML BOT as text like before, but no "audio" as before to hear the answer to the question I asked,

In the BingSpeechRecognition, I have ControlCommand("AimlBot",SetPhrase, $BingSpeech) in All recognized Scripts

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Does this make sense to you?


The plugin you are using is Advanced Speech Recognition.

If you wish the robot to speak, you will need to have a command that allows the robot to speak.

In AIML, your response script should have something about having the robot speak. This isn't the correct thread for helping with your scripting.


Advanced Speech Recognition is not what it says


User-inserted image it says Bing Speech Recognition

#18   — Edited

All good, works well


Your project will not have audio until you either add a SoundBoard, SoundBoardv4, or use speech commands in scripting. This is off topic of this thread. Create a new thread based on your question to learn how to have text speaking or audio playing with Arc.


This looks very interesting but as you stated any projects saved in the new ARC format will not be backward compatible with ARC. I was planning on starting my projects from scratch, anyway, should I just start with ARC or should I wait awhile.  I will be away for a couple of weeks enjoying tropical sun so I will check this out when I get back.  This looks incredible.


Start with arc:) and report and bugs

mobile and all plugs are moving toward arc. There won’t be backward compatibility with the old slow ARC

#22   — Edited

I installed ARC and it installed very fast.  this is good.  One thing to look into is the background color, which is dark.  I like the dark myself as  I find the white background to hard on the eyes.  and I think it has a more updated modern look,  but   there may be others who want a lighter background and may quibble.  As I will be away I will not be giving any Bata error information until  I return.  So far very good.


All works now,

trail and error :-)

Bing Speech control add:

ControlCommand("AimlBot", "SetPhrase", $BingSpeech)

Aiml control add:

java Audio.say(getVar("$BotResponse"));

Above works with PC


Above works with ez -robot


@Nallycat, similar to ARC, you can change the background color by visiting the PREFERENCES menu


Nice!! Cannot wait to test it out!! :D

Better implementation of Java Script is a superb addon!!

#26   — Edited

Arc is a wonderful program


@EzAng  Thanks,  but I like the Background color as ARC installed it. if I decide to change it I know how.;)


Wii remote plugin when I push button on wii remote the script is not exectuted also the Auto Position plugin does not have the settings gear so cannot add animations.

  1. I’ll take a look at wiimote, thanks!

  2. auto position does have the settings gear. Perhaps your window is too small. Try resizing it. Windows allows you to resize windows by clicking on the border and dragging.


Thanks DJ just had to delete and readd the auto position.


Hi DJ Sir, Greeting,

I have downloaded the ARC beta today. In this when I connect the USB camera I get the following error and the image gets freeze. This never happened with the previous version of the ARC.

I have attached the screenshot of the error. Kindly look into it and advise.

Regards, Kishore Rao @ Electrofurb User-inserted image

#32   — Edited

Kishore, this is a very interesting error. Would it be possible to provide me a copy of your project? I'd like to test it with our USB cameras here to reproduce the error


Kishore, can you verify that your plugins have been updated?

  1. Connect to the internet

  2. Load ARC (do not load any projects). Use a BLANK project.

  3. If you have "check for updates disabled", you will need to manually check. Press this button and update any plugins that require updating...

User-inserted image


I'm looking over the new ARC program. I have not gotten past the graphics into the operational part of the program though. I do have some comments on what I've seen.

I use a lot of different script managers. The way they now operate and look makes the different scripts hard to see, find and choose the needed script and/or function. The old way of vertical stacking of scripts is now horizontal and there is now no vertical scroll bar. There is only a horizontal scroll bar that can be used to move through the scripts and operation buttons from side to side. Added to this, the grid that separates every box that used to be black is now a washed out gray color.

Also, in Script Manage I'm not able to resize the script name box if the name I used is too long.  Along with this if the script name is too long I'm not getting any pop up text if I hover over a script name that runs to long for the window.

Other controls like the sound boards still have the old format and the pop up text works like before when I hover the mouse over a long name. I seriously hope plans don't include changing them to look and act like the new format of the Script Managers. Can something be done to make the Script Manager more readable and usable?  I saw nothing wrong with the old format. Please see my pictures below.

One more thing. The control window's boarders are very thin now. It makes it hard to differentiate one control from another. Can the borders be thickened back to the original size?


New Horizontal: 

User-inserted image

Old Stacked :

User-inserted image


Ah, the script collection indeed is formatted incorrectly. Fixing for today's release, stay tuned

#36   — Edited

thanks for your quick response DJ


Updated (notes for this version above)


Thanks so much, menu works great

#40   — Edited

Thanks, format looks better.

Not a deal killer but I'd still like to see the grid lines in the control windows that separate the scripts and functions look darker. They appear kinda washed out.

User-inserted image

#41   — Edited

You can also resize the control to make more room for the text.... windows allows you to resize the windows

move the mouse cursor over either the right or bottom border. When the icon changes to bunch of arrows, click the mouse. You can now drag the window to be any size you wish. When the project is saved, the window size will be saved for next reload

all controls in ARC are resizable, unlike how ARC was

#43   — Edited

User-inserted image

User-inserted image Hi Dj Sir,

I have tried the updates as per your instructions but no improvements, hence i uninstalled the ARC and installed the previous version of ARC and loaded my project, in this now i am unable to edit the script, whenever i open the script it gives the following error.

Kindly look into the matter and advise us to get back to the previous version properly.

The webcam which i was using is chines made HIview brand.

Thanks and Regards, Kishore Rao @ Electrofurb

#44   — Edited

Can you post your project file for me? Thanks!

your screen displays an outdated beta version of ARC (2020.01.28.00). The most recent version at time of this post is (2020.02.29.00). Please use the latest version of software when testing. As we migrate to ARC over the next two weeks, it’ll me very important to use the latest version at all times. This is to help resolve migration issues in a timely fashion.

Regarrding the last image in your response, what action generated that error? Did the plugin files update successsfully? Per my previous instructions (or is that where the errors were created) Was it caused when the Check For Updates was pressed? Or after the updates had occurred? Or shutting down the software? Any details you can provide will help understand these unique issues with migrating


2020.02.29.00 ?

I only see in the releases 2020.01.29.00


As per your instruction when i try to check the plugin update this error occurred and it did not take any update.

I was trying to load a very simple script using image overlay and say PC the "camera image".

I am also trying to update with the latest ARC version as you said and i will let you know it there is an error.

Thanks & Regards,  Kishore Rao @ Electrofurb

#47   — Edited

Excellent - thanks for the information. I'm unable to reproduce that error. Can you please post your project file here so i can take a look at it?


Hi DJ Sir,

I have downloaded the latest ARC as per your instruction still the error is the same, it initially recognizes the image and after a few seconds, this error occurs. I am attaching the screenshot of the error and the blocky script.

I also observe that there is no audio output.

Regards, Kishore Rao

User-inserted image User-inserted image


DJ Sir,

I uninstall the ARC fully and download the previous version of ARC and installed it and opened my saved project. In this when i open the edit script i get the error and I am unable to use blocky or script editor even after closing the error.

Kindly guide me on how to get back to my previous condition.

User-inserted image User-inserted image

Thanks & Regards, Kishore Rao @ Electrofurb

#50   — Edited

The error you are receiving is not from the ARC upgrade. It is from the Camera Overlay plugin. I'll update the plugin for the error. Please install the latest update to camera overlay plugin:

also, it’ll be a good idea to update to the latest ARC to experience the latest stable enhancements :)



I am following with much interest the development of ARC. It is really exciting. I know your are fully occupied with this Windows beta for now, but I wonder: is it planned to push ARC to the raspberry pi at some time?


#52   — Edited

Fredebec, you bet. We’re getting a stable windows before porting to raspberry pi :)

at the rate with this feedback and in-house testing, we should be good by end of the month of February


Hi DJ Sir,

I once again reinstalled the ARC with the latest version (ARC ARC Beta 2020.01.30.00) today. The camera freezing is not happening now and there is no error appearing but the sound is missing. I have attached the error which is appearing on the console, please look into the matter.

Also please guide me on how to roll back to the old ARC version.

User-inserted image

Thanks & Regards, Kishore Rao @ Electrofurb


Great! I’ll have an update for you later today. Stay tuned

#55   — Edited

Electrofurb, Hopefully you backed up and saved to a safe place your last ARC Project before you started using ARC. ARC saves your project in a new ARC format and overwrites your ARC project file. If you saved your old ARC project in a safe place (outside of the ARC folder) then you need to find that again.

I've not rolled back yet but here's what I'd do:

Uninstall ARC from Windows. Make sure you don't delete your old ARC project file.
Once ARC is gone download the latest ARC Designer - Version 2020.01.05.00 from here: Synthiam File Download Page .
Install your downloaded ARC file on your windows computer.
Once you've installed ARC open the program and then open your old ARC Project file that you had saved in a safe place. 

That should do it. Have fun!!


Hi Dave,


I have already stored the old ARC project safely, but when i uninstall the ARC and reinstalled the previous version (ARC ARC Beta 2020.01.30.00) the "say PC" script is not working, hence when i opened the Blockly script i got this error message and i am unable to rewrite the script.

User-inserted image

Kindly look into the matter and help me.

Regards, Kishore Rao @ Electrofurb


Kishore, the latest ARC update (2020.01.31.00) fixes the issue you were experiencing with Blockly and the variable.


Dear DJ Sir,

Thanks for your support. I hope this will work. I will give you the feedback by morning and i am going to the bed now since it 2.45am in India.

Thanks once again,

Regards, Kishore Rao.


does sayezb(" hello ")  chould also work with a iotiny?


Hi DJ Sir,


The update which you gave is working excellent. Thank you very so much. It is much better and also fast.

Thanks for your prompt response. Have a nice weekend.

Regards, Kishore Rao @ Electrofurb


Great to hear- thanks for the positive feedback. Please let me know of any additional challenges you find with Arc


OK Sir, I will also connect the dynamixels and let you know the results.

Thanks for the great support.

Regards, Kishore Rao @ Electrofurb


The latest release (2020.02.01.01) includes a number of performance and error handling improvements. Also, a much faster loading of the software in general but splitting up a few processes across threads. Anyone using the old mobile interface would need this update because it fixes an issue with the button script that wasn't executing.

#64   — Edited

@DJ, I don't fully understand, do you mean it updates something for when you create and upload to the  Mobile ARC cloud or do I need to install a new version of Mobile ARC to my phone to fix a bug in that? As that is what I plan to use---After downloading it,the main page does say it wont support ARC projects in Mobile version? So should I not install it if I want to use Mobile builder?


Do not install ARC if you use the ARC Mobile app on a tablet or phone

#66   — Edited

Do you plan to add ARC support in future Mobile builder in updates? I do like the new ARC ,and can leave it on my super computer but I will just leave the older ARC on my Latte Panda to avoid problems for when I upload to my mobile bulder on the phone,thanks.


ARC Mobile will be available near end of this month to begin beta


That's good news I was a little worried that mobile Builder went obsolete like all the 3d TV's LOL! Good to know,thanks again DJ for your continued hard work!

#69   — Edited

Mobile interface Builder control is renamed to User Interface Builder. There are no plans for a new Mobile Interface Builder control in ARC. The Mobile App that runs on mobile devices (phones, tablet) is currently called ARC Mobile. However, the mobile app is being renamed to ARC Mobile and will be compatible with ARC projects. To design interfaces on ARC Mobile, you will use User Interface Builder control. It builds interfaces for both Windows and Mobile.

In short, Mobile Interface Builder control is renamed to User Interface Builder control. This is done to avoid confusion in the future just like this conversation :D

#70   — Edited

OK so I must be missing something as I updated on both my computers to last version 2020.01.05.00 of ARC windows, On one computer everything works fine except I can't download or save new Mobile programs from the Synthiam cloud. On the other computer I get opposite problem I cant get it to find any of my old projects stored in my documents/projects folder,says it can't find path? But that computer does let me load old mobile programs from the cloud. I tried rolling back to older ARC on both computers but same errors keep happening on both. Is there a way to completely remove all traces of new ARC from system INI folders and have a clean wipe to try again? Possibly like how you talk about that interface builder control possibly not working properly now?

Edit----I remember I had a similar problem last year running windows ARC on the Latte Panda,could not recover project files in my documents folder,to fix it all I did was wait for you to bring out another better Beta version,LOL! So not worried,it will hopefully get sorted out later.


i tested the MG 995 servo on arc.they just go as fast as the HDD from ez robot. just a little less degree.arc works perfect.


Hey nice, So I managed to upgrade my windows 10 on the Latte Panda to a newer version of windows 10 Pro and the very first app I downloaded was that last version of ARC windows before the ARC version. All problems are now magically fixed, I suspect that old windows that came with Latte Panda is now so old and outdated that it has stopped working with many newer programs.I do need to re install the Panda drivers as the touch panel does not work now but that is likely because there is no touch driver yet. Anyway,Woohoo now for some fun robot programming!



I suspect that old windows that came with Latte Panda is now so old and outdated that it has stopped working with many newer programs
I doubt that. It's more likely there was something corrupted or missing in that older version of Win 10. When you reinstalled new with old the issue was probably fixed or replaced.

Anyway, it's always good to have things working 100% fast and true. Good job man!


Hey Dave, yes the new Windows is much better,fixed many problems, I even got the Arduino Leonardo working for first time on the other half of the Latte Panda, some interesting projects can be done there too!

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Latest update is online. See the bottom of the first post for changes.


Dj, Thanks for the updated ARC ARC Beta 2020.02.17.00

all the best



Latest update includes some fixes and enhancements, specifically for supporting some 3rd party plugins


So, can I have both ARC and ARC loaded on my computer same time? I have too many EZB programs I dont want to lose, and yet still be able to create all new ones as needed. Does the ARC work with mobil yet?


You can’t have both installed because ARC essentially is an updated ARC. The mobile isn’t compatible with ARC projects yet. The first post of this release will be updated when mobile has been updated. Stay tuned! :)

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So is the Mobile ARC builder coming out this year then? I am a big fan of using mobile on the robots,I may even buy a google powered tablet just for the robot. The free features of Google store with the many better free TTS voices and TTS apps are far superior to anything on Microsoft windows where you need to pay for anything good. Also the energy saving as the battery will last all day running the mobile scripts with far less problems than running my Latte Panda. Google mobile are designed to run all day without fail on phones and tablets,it is just the better choice for me. Very excited to get a modern updated Mobile builder! -------The only problem I ever had with the old Mobile Builder was that many windows Control plug ins were not supported in Mobile like specially the Sonar Radar animation and ease of use in windows would never work in mobile so It was a long process to manually write the script for object detect,reverse,turn and was not as reliable as using the windows Sonar Radar.There were other app controls that also were not supported that I wished would work but not as big a deal as the sonar.Everything else I could program in windows and then convert and upload as a mobile project or use the mobile Blockly very effective for on the fly robot programming while actually outside and mobile


Thanks for the feedback. The mobile app will be out in a few weeks. We have a few more ARC updates to ensure its solid before porting to mono and mobile


Awesome news! I may be buying a new Google touch Tablet just for Mobile!


ARC Beta has been updated. Changes are documented at the end of the first post. This has many bug fixes and is prepared to be released as stable. All plugins must be updated for this release.

#84   — Edited question. Will ARC cost us to use soon? I see "free" listed for some of the plug ins now?! Usually you say "free" to distinguish from "pay" items. That or "free" is being advertised to let the new users of ARC, know that "everything is free so stop asking us how much plug ins cost...."

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We're going to allow plugin creators to charge for plugin controls. So someone like PTP can charge a few dollars for his plugin controls. It'll increase quality of plugins and inspire some new awesome ones. Kind of like an appstore model, but with plugin controls. PTP shouldn't be working for free....


I agree..we had discussed that several years ago in a thread. Very happy to see it implemented. I think it may inspire others to produce plug ins too. Great job guys.

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Thanks:D - and great eye on noticing that subtle change. I'm really enjoying Arc. It's bringing a new life to my passion for robotics!


i just notice that the icon synthiam is only half viseble. User-inserted image


Love the new fonts for the website...looking polished!


i notest that the page for update plugings keeps reappearing also after the updates.

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You noticed correctly. It appears to check for updates. Disappears if there’s no updates.


error I get loading up ARC I'm loading the J.D. with mpu. Version: 2020.02.28.01

NAudio.MmException: UnspecifiedError calling waveInOpen at NAudio.Wave.WaveIn.OpenWaveInDevice() at NAudio.Wave.WaveIn.StartRecording() at ARC.UCForms.FormMic.EhQ92XYRHKm(Object , EventArgs ) at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad(EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnCreateControl() at System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl(Boolean fIgnoreVisible) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl() at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmShowWindow(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WmShowWindow(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)


Never mind my last post. Somehow in the windows privacy settings, microphone access to apps was turned off. Enabling the microphone access has fixed the error. :D


Great to hear it’s working. Microsoft released an update that changed these settings randomly a while ago. It’s ridiculous that they haven’t fixed it yet... and most ridiculous that there’s no way for a program to query if it has audio permission. So it’s up to the user to guess :(

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Hi DJ - How goes it?

Just to let you know:

I have in my Bing Speech Reognition :  ControlCommand("AimlBot", SetPhrase, $BingSpeech)

When I click run it says: > Error on line 1: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Done (00:00:00.0387558)

In the Aiml Bot I have : Audio.say(getVar("$BotResponse")); thanks


Your AIML bot is missing it's configuration. Either update the plugin, or select the new configuration file. I'm guessing you need to select the configuration folder in the config menu. Change this to...

C:\Users\All Users\ARC\Plugins\aa184830-399a-4716-bdfc-e766fd792a51

User-inserted image

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ok I will check, thanks - it never made a Plugins folder


all good now, I fixed the code


So I re downloaded newest ARC builder because I had all kinds of errors when using my super fast desktop PC. It was not able to load or save any files and would keep giving error messages,It took me a while to figure out how to add the exception rule to the fire wall in windows Defender settings, now it works correctly. I am wondering now if I use the Bluestacks Android software on the same computer to run  older mobile ARC as a mobile app on the same computer as it is a separate program from the regular windows 10 that contains ARC on it This way I can run both old scripts as mobile or brand new ARC scripts when I switch back to Win 10. (I can run many mobile apps from Google play store on my Win10 PC using Blue stacks Android Emulator) I have not tried adding the mobile ARC because afraid of getting file save errors again. Is this safe to try? On my other Latte Panda computer the Blue stacks and Mobile builder works awesome with my old terminator scripts but I also want to try on my super desktop PC..


Yes I can report that I have no more problems and it is much faster!


Updated with several javascript editor improvements


Updated with new add control feature


Updated with a number of improvements and enhancements


Updated with performance improvements


@DJ you are quick.

Did you fixed the file lock issue post #30 ?

#108   — Edited

I can't replicate that issue of locking a file by File.appendStringLine();

There were some changes to File namespace on the 17th. Not sure what version you're running. But the File.appendStringLine() merely ...

    public void AppendStringLine(string filename, string str) {

      System.IO.File.AppendAllText(filename, str);
      System.IO.File.AppendAllText(filename, System.Environment.NewLine);

which is not lock a file.

If you're wondering what files are locked, use this:


@DJ: I Can't reproduce with the new version.

Please run this code:

var filename="c:\\temp\\lines.txt";
if (File.exists(filename))
for (var ix=0; ix<100; ix++) 
  File.appendStringLine(filename, "Line " + ix);

print("Read lines");
while (!File.isReadEnd(filename))
    var line = File.readLine(filename);
    print(">>" + line);

And let me know if works as expected. I'm using the last version.


Perfect - thanks. Fixed for 2020.03.19.00

User-inserted image


this message keeps popping up.i dont see a version 2020.3.19.

User-inserted image

i also was not able to upload video's here on synthiam.


Updated with a new feature next to Add Control which allows you to create a control in ARC directly. Enter the information and ensure you have Visual Studio installed.


Black is a good general background colour.

Unless there is a lot of text to read, then black in white.

At least for this old fart ;-)


haha "at least for this old fart " glad i am not old allone.lolxD


One of the last (if not the last) update before moving to stable