Windows Release 2016.05.23.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- New mobile interface control (ServoPad) for moving a servo as a joystick pad on the UI, as requested from: . Currently works with latest Android update. Will work with iOS in about 6-8 days from this release while we wait for Apple to review the app update.

- Sabertooth Movement Panel has configurable baud rate

- NeoPixel controller supports 80 neopixels per port (640 leds in total)

- RampUp and RampDown of ezb audio does not apply to regular v4 and only applies to IoTiny, which resolves this thread:

- SayEZB() and SayEZBWait() both accept an optional second parameter that specifies the EZB Index to output to as per this request:



SayEZB("Hello, i am a second ezb", 1)
Awesome update. Thanks DJ

I really liked the progress that you made on the object recognition. I tried it with about 10 line drawings and it worked better than ever!:)

*eek* Do you ever sleep? *eek*

-Thomas M (Riverside)

PS. any progress on the Meccanoid interface?
Thanks thomas. I don't know what the "meccanoid interface" is. Can you be more specific?
A few months back you said "Nice - when you find information about the (Spinmaster Meccanoid robot) servos, i'll add a plugin in our software to support them so we can give this platform the ez-robot overhaul."

I was just wondering if those servo motors are "on your radar" for development. My guess is that they might need some added electronics to allow EZ robot control. You had suggested swapping out the proprietary servos for standard servos.

DJ stated this in that thread:

"After reading and researching more about it - i don't think it's a worth while venture for ez-robot to support their servos at this time."