Windows Release 2016.02.15.01

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Smoother compass algorithm

- auto capitalize Auto Position frames and actions with title case

- huge re-write of EZ-Script parser

- EZ-Script functions and methods are moved into the expression handler, where condition statements, such as IF/GOTO/REPEAT/etc are still handled in the executor. Fixes parameters embedded on single line with (parenthesis) and updates to EZ-Script compiler and runtime to v8.3

- show a message when there is no more room on the RoboScratch sketch for new elements

- fix for controls losing what virtual desktop they were added

- suspend and resume layout when controls are removed should help with scroll bar issues

- test button for modified servo config menu

- updated example EZ-Script projects
Hi @DJ,

I have a bug with "UARTInit" command with this update:

User-inserted image

I'm on it! Will have an update right away for u
Alright - get the latest update and you're all set!
Thanks @DJ
Tested and approved! :)
Thanks for the update. I love stream lined and powerful! Everything works great for me. Except..............

I'm now having worse problems with the vertical desktops and the menu bar. Seems that if I have controls extending down below the lower edge of the window the top of the controls get pushed up under the menu bar. After a few Smart arranges and saves it seems to be holding below the bar now though.

Other then that, I love it!;)
Thanks Dave - I'm not sure what to do about that scroll issue. I've tried everything that I can think of. Windows is just not cooperating.
I understand. Maybe it's the resolution I'm running. 1280 x 800. It's an old Dell laptop. The Scroll issue was acceptable before this update. Maybe now that I've done the smart arrange and save dance it will stay visible. Thanks for all you effort. I know it cant be easy.

User-inserted image
I never had a problem until this release, now I have to do Smart Arrange every time I load my project to resolve the vertical desktop position, like Dave.
I also have noticed, that since the last release ( not this current new one) I too have had to use the Smart Arrange every time I load a project.