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New prototype Control for MYO Gesture Controlled Armband. For more information, visit

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United Kingdom
That's a seriously cool peace of kit *cool*. Just pre ordered mine after seeing that you've added a prototype control for it on ARC. Could have a lot of fun with these two working together. Great stuff. :)
United Kingdom
Yes that's very cool, and very tempted to pre-order one for myself. :)
This looks amazing!
This could help us design and build low cost control for prosthetic arms and hands, plus do cool things with our robots.
Adding this to next cool thing to buy list.
Awsome, what the leap motion was supposed to be. This product is much more freeing and based on electrical impulses. Very cool indeed. Going to go order two.
I think I have a Nintendo power glove laying around.
@jstarne1 I have a few Power gloves.
I had one hooked to my Amiga computer.
It was fun to draw on a paint program by waving my arm around.
Fun for a short time that is. lol
I am sure I will find something epic to do with them some day.
are there more moves you can do like move the head?
or is it only the arms and grippers.

thanks anyone
United Kingdom
I assume you can program it to do whatever you want it to do but since it fits on the arm it would probably be confusing to use it for head movements... unless you plan on putting it around your neck...
So, theoretically if you bought 2 (one on each arm) can you control both arms of JD?

i saw that you can use the ez430 waths for the head movement ,and use the ,
bracelet for the arms ,looks great.+ you have the glasses too,
so you could controll jd almost complete whit ezb-4?

good question.
Use the VR glasses for the head and these for the arms.
Total control of the arms and head of your robot.
Plus you could see what you were doing.
I am sure you could give JD voice commands to walk the direction you are looking.
Then you have full control.

thats sounds really the vr 920 is still supported in ez today.