Release 2013.09.27.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

Screen real estate has been a popular discussion in the past. Because ARC is a graphical control software, the controls can take up large amounts of screen space. There was an option that I had implemented a few months ago called Advanced and Basic view. Being an ARC user myself, I have never really felt it was a solution.

Today we introduce Virtual Desktops built into EZ-Builder.


- Removed Basic/Advanced view

- Add Virtual Desktop feature. Change desktops under the Window menu tab, or press F10, F11, F12. Additionally, you can move existing controls to other desktops by right-clicking on the Title Bar and selecting the destination desktop.

- Auto Position controls hide the servo ports unless the Checkbox is checked. Making it much easier to move servo positions.

- Configurable Wallpaper per project. Using the Project Details button, you can now select wallpaper for your project.

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United Kingdom
Excellent update, that's going to make things so much easier, cleaner and awesomer:)
I cant wait to get home and download it and see what it looks like.
DJ, I'm loving this! This makes this much more neater and easier to organize my project! I'm having a blast moving controllers around. Now I can place my big controls in it's own window and open up my script manager. Thanks!
I'm glad you are enjoying it! It was a lot of work to implement. But I knew you'd all love it:)

The little screen shots of the desktops is my favorite part!
Ya, my eyes popped when I clicked on the Windows tab and saw the images. I was even more impressed when I saw that it was live and you could see the changes as you moved controls over! Very elegant. :)
When you load your project there is a checkbox on the load screen to auto position. Unselect it
good update, we now have more space for large projects, a big improvement.
Great update. I was going to suggest that you put a little shortcut on the desktop with each install. It would save a lot of work each time we install. Just an idea. Other people may not feel the same way. That is just me.
I'm loving the VDTs. It's cool to have a background page with all of my connections and infos on one screen and then movement and camera on another. Super awesome work guys. Super awesome!
folks.. when I tryed to install the new update, the antivirus program blocked it. It says that contains an "suspicious" software!
I can´t believe on that! It should be some error on my computer, rigth ?
does anyone exeperienced that error ?!
and, now I can´t instal a previous version.. because it says that there is an newer version installed... but.. does not work.
please, help!
best regards.

I am using the Windows 7. the antivirus is the avast free.

try uninstalling the program form Control panel/add-remove software the you should be able to install any version you want.
Also turn off your anti-virus while installing it. See if there is a way to add ARC installer as an exception in your anti-virus.
I've had this happen to me before and researched this. I use avast free. If it's flagging EZ try deleting the file and re-downloading. Your DL may have a slight corruption and antivirus will flag it. You still need to uninstall it from the control panel though.:)
United Kingdom
Either disable when downloading/installing or add it as an exception if your AV software allows exceptions. Usually those false positives happen due to the way the installation file is packaged... to be blunt, get decent AV software (seriously, it's worth paying good money for piece of mind when you think about what's on your PC).

The download/installer is perfectly safe just to put anyone's mind at ease though.
Thanks folks.
I turned off the AV while downloading and installing, and everything is working now...