ARC Release 2012.09.13.00

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Software Information
This release updates the project file format to EZ-Configuration v2! This newer file format is smaller and requires less physical machine memory. The EZ-Configuration v2 data is nearly 5 times smaller! This upgrade is necessary on our preperation towards mobile device support.

*Note: When loading a EZ-Configuration v1 file, a dialog will display with Import details. This dialog will only be displayed during EZ-Configuration v1 file loading. Once the file has been re-saved, the dialog will not appear for that file. Re-saving a file will upgrade it to EZ-Configuration v2 file format.

For fun, compare the file sizes between your old and new files - notice the difference:)

- New Control: Custom Movement Panel (located under Add Control->Misc) for unsupported movement controllers
- New Configuration v2
Just back from Vegas and this is awesome news and seeing a lot of updates while im gone to make up for lost in gambling...haha...j/k. Awesome work as always DJ!
Here are my findingS so far for size crunching: (Original vs Ver. 2)

Wall-E - 3071KB -> 2747KB
R2 - 448KB -> 24KB
Omnibot - 274KB -> 24KB

My Wall-E file has a soundboard panel within, my other (2) files do not.
Thanks everyone:)

@Lumpy, those numbers look correct. Any files with embedded compressed media cannot be compressed any further. The R2 and Omnibot boast 18 times and 11 times smaller, respectively. Those are awesome findings!
That's what I figured. The embedded MP3's make up most of the Wall-E file.
Is it possible that DJ is a robot? A programming machine. You rock dude!
New Zealand
I'm afraid the only way we could check that would be to lift up a flap, unscrew some panel or peek behind something .... and that leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable!


Maybe we should try the Turing Test on him.... or should it be on Wall-e