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For those of you that might be interested in Blender to visualize your robots or create 3D meshes for 3D printing I cannot suggest strongly enough getting this program. It is free, open source and highly supported. Some of us use high end programs, i.e. 3D Max, Maya, Solid Works, Autodesk Inventor and on and on, these programs cost as much as a...
Anyone Exprencing Ez Community Email Notification Hangups?

Anyone Exprencing Ez Community Email Notification Hangups?

Just wondering if anyone else here is experiencing this issue. As of the last week every notification I...
Roomba Control Question?

Roomba Control Question?

Ill admit to being lazy over this but I point this question to any Roomba/EZ-Builders with experience. What control out of the box do I have with a Roomba through ARC? I...

What To Do With An Old Ez-B3 ?

I have been away from my ez-b3 for sometime now. As I was getting back to it I upgraded my ARC software to the most recent version. So now when I try to connect to my B3 I get this error Invalid EZ-Robot OS Version. Please Upgrade. EZ-B Reports v16 This copy of ARC requires v16.6 I am assuming that this is a bios upgrade to the B3. When I go to the...

Ez Kit Questions

I dont think its appropriate to post this here but when I tried under Contact Us I have gotten no response in 4 days. I tried to contact you again through Contact Us under Technical but got this Warning: Technical Support? As stated above, sadly the EZ-Robot staff will not be able to assist with technical questions over email due to limted...
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