The ARC Script Manual.


TakeOff() Tell your flying drone to take off Example: TakeOff()

ToBinaryString( value ) Displays the specified value in its binary representation Example: $str = ToBinaryString( 254 )

ToggleDigital (digitalPort ) Toggle the digital port Example: ToggleDigital(D2)

ToHex( value ) Converts the integer parameter into a readable hex value string. This will convert the integer 56 into the string 0x39. Great for debugging byte data received from i2c interface. Example: $hex = ToString($hexData)

ToString( value ) Converts the parameter into a string by stripping unreadable characters and terminates the end of a string with the first occurrence of a 0x00. Example: $string = ToString($hexData)

Tweet( message ) Send a Twitter message using the configured Twitter account. Configure your Twitter account under File->Twitter Settings. Example: Tweet("I Love EZ-Robot!") You may also use the ControlCommand to Tweet images with text from a Camera Control. Example: [i]ControlCommand( "Camera", CameraTweet, "Our New Image" )


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