The ARC Script Manual.


Tell your flying drone to land
Example: Land()[/i]

Left( [speed], [milliSeconds] )
Using a Movement Panel Control, this will turn your robot left.
You will require at least one Movement Panel to be configured within the project. This function will control that movement panel.
Optionally, you can specify the speed and/or number of milliseconds to turn.
Speed is a number between 0 and 255
Example #1: Left()
Example #2: Left(200)
Example #2: Left(200, 5000)

Length( value )
Returns the length of the specified variable or string in characters/bytes.
Example: $len = Length(This string is 33 characters long)

LoadProject( filename )
Loads the specified project and replaces the existing project.
Established connections will be maintained. OnConnect scripts within the Connection Control will be executed if a connection is already established.
If no path is specified, this command searches for the file in the default My Documents\EZ-Builder folder.
If no extension is provided, the .ezb default extension is assumed.
For obvious reasons, no further commands following LoadProject() are executed.
Example: LoadProject(MyTest)
Example: LoadProject(MyTest.ezb)
Example: LoadProject(C:\Temp\MyTest.ezb)


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