The ARC Script Manual.


Pause( ) Pauses the script at the location where it is called. To resume the script, another script must call the ControlCommand’s Resume function. Otherwise, the script can be stopped by pressing the Stop button on the control. Example: Pause()

Ping_Wait (triggerPort, echoPort, higher/lower/equals, distance) Wait until the Ping Sensor distance is higher or lower than specified distance value. Trigger and Echo are Digital Ports Example: Ping_Wait(D3, D4, HIGHER, 50)

PlayAudio( filename ) Plays the specified audio file to the default audio device File formats can be MP3 or WAV Example: PlayAudio(c:\temp\my Audio.mp3)

Power( value, power ) Returns the math Power() function First parameter is the input value The second parameter is the power Example: $x = Power(2, 4)

Print( txt ) Outputs the specified text to the debug console Example: Print(This is some text) Example: Print(Today is $Day) Example: Print($pi rounded is Round($pi, 2))

PrintHex( txt ) Outputs the hex values of the specified variable to the debug console Example: PrintHex($myVariable)

PullVar( NameSpace, Cell ) Retrieve the value from the EZ-Cloud. Example: $x = PullVar(DJ Sures, test)

PushVar( NameSpace, Cell, Value ) Send the value to the EZ-Cloud. Example: PushVar(DJ Sures, test, I am testing)

PWM (digitalPort, speed) Set the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to the desired duty percentage cycle This simulates voltage on the specified pin (Between 0 and 5v) PWM Value is between 0 and 100 Example: PWM(D14, 90)

PWMRandom (digitalPort, lowSpeed, highSpeed) Set the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to a random percentage duty cycle This simulates voltage on the specified pin (Between low and high percentage value, scaled between 0 and 5 volts) The value is between 0 and 100 Example: PWMRandom(D14, 10, 90)


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