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EZ Robot Commands SIML Framework - Configuration - Position


Maps position_complement_fr and position_complement_en are used to configure for the suffixed language (fr and en) the text keywords which will be recognized in User Input messages as a [Position]

    [MapItem Content="paused" Value="%FF PAUSE" /]
    [MapItem Content="in pause" Value="paused" /]
    [MapItem Content="on pause" Value="paused" /]
    [MapItem Content="the headstand" Value="%FF HEADSTAND" /]
    [MapItem Content="a headstand" Value="the headstand" /]
    [MapItem Content="in the position of the pear treee" Value="%FF HEADSTAND2" /]
    [MapItem Content="the side splits" Value="%FF SPLITS" /]
    [MapItem Content="a side splits" Value="the side splits" /]
    [MapItem Content="the splits" Value="the side splits" /]
    [MapItem Content="a splits" Value="the side splits" /]
    [MapItem Content="some pushups" Value="pushups" /]
    [MapItem Content="pushups" Value="%FF PUSHUPS" /]
    [MapItem Content="somersaults" Value="somersault" /]
    [MapItem Content="somersault" Value="%FF SOMERSAULT" /]

If the first character of Value is not % , entry will be linked to the value. For example "on pause" will be equivalent to "paused" which is the main entry. On a main entry content Word 1 Character 1 = % Character 2 specify if or not a parameter will be present in Word 3 - T True if present , F False if not. Char 3 is reserved for future use

Word 3 if present is a parameter value - this value can be retrieved when building Bot Response Message by value of User Variable Positionargument

Word 2 is a mnemonic link to the Map position_complement_group in which are defined for the mnemonic link entry global configuration parameters (valid for every language used).

    [MapItem Content="HEADSTAND2" Value="%F JD HEADSTAND2 HEADSTAND" /]
    [MapItem Content="HEADSTAND" Value="%F JD HEADSTAND HEADSTAND" /]
    [MapItem Content="SPLITS" Value="%F JD SPLITS SPLITS" /]
    [MapItem Content="PUSHUPS" Value="%F JD PUSHUPS PUSHUPS" /]
    [MapItem Content="CALIBRATE" Value="%F ALL CALIBRATE CALIBRATE" /]
    [MapItem Content="SIT" Value="%F JD SIT SIT" /]
    [MapItem Content="STANDUP" Value="%F JD STANDUP STANDUP" /]
    [MapItem Content="CROUCH" Value="%F JD CROUCH CROUCH" /]
    [MapItem Content="LEAN" Value="%F JD LEAN LEAN" /]
    [MapItem Content="STOP" Value="%F ALL STOP STOP" /]
    [MapItem Content="START" Value="%F ALL START START" /]
    [MapItem Content="SPREAD" Value="%F JD SPREAD EXTEND" /]
    [MapItem Content="ONCROSS" Value="%F WITH2ARMS ONCROSS EXTEND" /]
    [MapItem Content="PAUSE" Value="%F WITHCAM PAUSE PAUSE" /]

Word 1 : Character 1 is % Character 2 specify if Position is or not ambigous T if Yes F if No - If Ambigous dialog asking for precision will be automatically initiated with the User - Not used in example

Word 2 specify the Robot Type authorization for the Position - mnemonic linked to Robot Type authorization Map. Word 3 is the Position AuthoID Word 4 is the Position BBID

For example

  [MapItem Content="PAUSE" Value="%F WITHCAM PAUSE PAUSE" /]

Not ambigous - Authorized for All Robot type WITHCAM The BBID and AuthoID are CAMERA

Direct calls without a preceding [verb] must be configured in the SIML maps synonym_global_fr or synonym_global_en depending on the language used. Each entry authorized in direct call must refererenced in these maps - value for each entry give the text synonym to use with this direct call (including [verb].

[MapItem Content="in initial position" Value="put you in initial position" /]


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