Speech recognition tutorial


Speech recognition is becoming a very popular way to control robots. This tutorial will explain the ARC speech recognition control in detail, and go through the the steps of how to set it up. It will also include further information such as explaining the controls, training Windows Speech Recognition, and general information on using speech recognition successfully.

Step 1. Loading the Speech Recognition Control.

This entire tutorial accompanies the tutorial found here, but will go in to detail showing ways of how to use the speech recognition control, along with working examples that you can try.

To get started, we first need to add the "Speech Recognition Control" to your ARC project.

1.) On your computer, load up the most recent release of the EZ Builder software.

2.) Click on the "Project" tab from the ARC menu ribbon.

User-inserted image

3.) Now click on the "Add Controls" tab.

User-inserted image

4.) Select the "Audio" category tab and then click on the "Speech Recognition" icon to add this control to your EZ Builder project.

User-inserted image

The next step will explain the what each command setting in the "Speech Recognition Control" does.


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