Speech recognition tutorial

Step 6. Changing language for Windows 7 Home Premium.

The following information is from a forum members thread asking how to change the language from Dutch to English for speech recognition on a Windows 7 Home Premium computer. This will work on other languages too, so you may find the following information useful.

1.) Go to "Control panel".

User-inserted image

2.) Then click on "Speech recognition".

User-inserted image

3.) And then "Advanced speech options".

User-inserted image

4.) Then click on the drop down menu in "Language".

User-inserted image

Apparently, sometimes the "Advanced speech options" tab is not available, so the following info may be of use...



There are also a few YouTube videos that show how to do this as well, if you type in "How to change language in Windows 7 Home Premium" you should get a few results back and might be worth checking out.


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