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video - I am using ARC software with 2 iotinys controller, 2 EzB4 controllers - 3 EZ-ROBOT 1300 lithium batteries for the four Ez 360 HDD servos for the two arms, two 996R servos for the grippers, 2 DFRobot rotation hex bases for head movement and body movements. with 2 EZ-robot servos HDD, 2 RGB for the eyes - EZ-Robot HDD servo and moving camera  - still need a mouth

from servo City:
4 gearboxes , channels, parts, extensions, Prowler Robot Kit (wheels, 4 motors, h-bridge pwm motor controller

 User-inserted image

Video will be coming of all movements

Here is a sample video


By — Last update
Here is a pic of where I put the sharp IR radar and the position of the ultrasonic radar scan

All seems to be working :-)

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Practice on "follow the blue line" - 

not that exciting but it accurately following the line :-)
that is lookin can adjust two thing that wil make the line tracking better.
first is the speed.the lower the speed the more accurate the bot will follow the line.
second is the angle off the camera.amaging that you are on a bicicle lookin in front off,
your front wheel.the chance you will hit somethin is very big,cause you cant see in the distants.
just like your camera angle,its straight in front .by lift the camera a very little can be a huge diff.
its all about how fast your ezb can calculate the full procces.
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Hi Nomad, thanks for your input, I agree slower speed helps,

How are your projects coming?

I have been busy with my country / farm place, I am getting my solar energy and military generated perfected beside trying to tame the wilderness :-)

My wife and I just came back from a bike ride.


great to hear you have good time.projects goes slow but good.:D
Hi Nomad, I do have another project going on, but now I am digging a whole for my wife's new plant , lol 


its good to ad the words ( new plant ) haha els it would arkwart.lolxD
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Hi Nomad,

Today,  we planted many things today, wood chips, dirt, plants ...

Maybe back to robot stuff after a shower, need to clear up -  lol

I am back trying to get JD to serve :-)

Wii Controller and ARC

User-inserted image
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reading QR code and Glyph videos coming  :-)

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Reading 2 QR codes I made: the wrong way - the right way


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I don't know if I will be back this week from our country / farm life for more robot adventutres

How is everyone doing?

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Using my phone hotspot now :-)  

At the country / farm world

Had my solar system serviced - replaced a solar panel and other things, lots to bush-hog out there, lol  "Taming the wilderness" my new book, lol

Should be back to city life after voting Thursday for more robot activities

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Good afternoon all:

The L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Module and the EZB4 with battery

My connections to the servo City - Prowler Robot Kit Chassis that I use with my Mr. Metal robot

My settings for the L298N  and the EzB4

The L298N can handle up to 3 amperes at 35 Volts DC, which is suitable for most hobby motors

1) Connect L298N VCC to either your battery supply positive (red) or EZ-B power (red) on pin D0
2) Connect L298N GND to either your battery supply negative (black) or EZ-B (black) on pin D0
3) Connect ENB - L298N to EZ-B Signal Pin D0 (white)
All on the EZB4 pin D0

4) Connect L298N IN4 to EZ-B Signal Pin D1 (white)
5) Connect L298N IN3 to EZ-B Signal Pin D2 (white)
6) Connect L298N IN2 to EZ-B Signal Pin D3 (white)
7) Connect L298N IN1 to EZ-B Signal Pin D4 (white)
8) Connect L298N ENA to EZ-B Signal Pin D5 (white)

9) Connect L298N OUT1 to Motor 1
10) Connect L298N OUT2 to Motor 2

Servo City Motor Specs:

quantity 4 motors

313 RPM HD Premium Planetary Gear Motor
These are Brushed DC or you can use Brushless DC (which are better and last longer, a little more expensive)

Output Shaft Style D-shaft
Motor Type Brushed DC
Output Shaft Support Dual Ball Bearings
Gear Material brass primary, nylon secondary, steel tertiary
Weight 11.6 oz (328g)
Voltage (Nominal) 12V
Voltage Range (Recommended) 6V - 12V (I am using the EZ battery  7.4V)
Speed (No Load @ 12VDC) 313 rpm
Current (No Load @ 12VDC) 0.52A
Current (Stall @ 12VDC) 20A
Torque (Stall @ 12VDC) 417 oz-in (30 kgf-cm)
Gearbox Style Planetary
Connector Type Male Spade Terminal
Gear Ratio 27:1

A short video to show it works! 

User-inserted image
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Thanks RoboHappy for viewing buddy...

Well today is 8/12/2020

recovering from being a litter sick = not Covid 19  - should be back to robot adventures by next week.

Maybe the Kinect next again, Microsoft Xbox 360 with the processing program, 

I might go over the cognitive emotion, face, vision controls.

there are so many great controls that DJ created -  need to speak about them again (or out of sight, out of mind)

everyone be well -- 


get well soon.seeya next week.;)
Feel better soon EzAng.  Look forward to the next project.