ZOE : a machine that resembles a living creature in being capable of moving independently


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Since my robot is running on a Raspberry Pi, which is now supported by EZ-Builder,
I decided to evolve my current project K[8] into a new one called ZOE...
First steps will creating a new servo setup which supports Dynamixel Servos, 
and a new Conceptual design!! 

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hi mickey 

the link doesn work for me.
Dont worry, its just the programm of the exhibition...and its in German!!:D

Symthiam does not allow links without https certificate, which is totally cool! But if you want to visit the site, you need to copy and paste!
Zoe is looking awesome! I like the mini arc reactor you added, very stylish:)
Thanks a lot...I added some more functionality, for the grippers and eyes. I will try to make a short clip and show how it works!
And I might continue to add a tilt and swivel to the torso!

It was fun to show my robot in public...first time for ZOE to leave the house!!:)

A little update on gripper functionality and Oled  control...
I still need to tweak the setting of the Oculus Quests control over ZOE a bit, I nearly ripped her to pieces the other day!
But that's more or less just an issue of how the Quest is dealing with the user leaving the guardian space!
Using the passthrough camera is also not optimal for controlling the robot, it kind of works, but distortion is still strong.
Even after the update!!

But things are evolving, so lets see how far I can push it!!:)
that is very cute.love the movements with hands and head same time.