ZOE : a machine that resembles a living creature in being capable of moving independently


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Since my robot is running on a Raspberry Pi, which is now supported by EZ-Builder,
I decided to evolve my current project K[8] into a new one called ZOE...
First steps will creating a new servo setup which supports Dynamixel Servos, 
and a new Conceptual design!! 

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Such a cute island you have.
Sadly I still have to go to work everyday.
Second shift gets 2 paid weeks off.
I have been having a blast with VR in Unity.
I would love to control my robots with my Rift S.
I made my own 3d printed robot Dave, so I do have the STL files.
I also have Dave in Unity running and jumping and having fun.
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Hey, all of this sounds very good...it should be fairly easy to set up your robot!
It might take a little time to tweak it all, so maybe just hit me up using the Contact Form on ZOEs website?

Then we can get things going, while not spamming the thread with all those finicky details...:)

@Mickey666Maus  You would not be spamming this thread, finicky details are what we need, there is little action on Synthiam lately and this would be a pleasant addition, You think that more members are stuck at home would have at least more things to talk about, but that is not the case.  I will be starting my robot projects all over again, as soon as ARC leaves Bata.  looking for a 3d Printer robot  project to fill the time.  no one is willing to  give up their .STL files.
If anyone is interested in building a ZOE, I could make a Github repo with all the .stl files...
Just remember that I am using those Lewansoul LX16-A servos, you might want to check if they are available!
You would need 14 servos for the build...

Also the head is using the AIY Vision Kit from Google, but the robot does not loose much functionality when you'll just use a Raspberry Pi Zero...

Just let me know guys!!:)
@Mickey666Maus   Thanks for the offer, have to check out the lewansoul LX16-a servos.  I think I have a few Lewansoul servos not sure what type they are, I will have to have a look.
Sure, just let me know and I will set you up with your ZOE asap...:D