ZOE : a machine that resembles a living creature in being capable of moving independently


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Since my robot is running on a Raspberry Pi, which is now supported by EZ-Builder,
I decided to evolve my current project K[8] into a new one called ZOE...
First steps will creating a new servo setup which supports Dynamixel Servos, 
and a new Conceptual design!! 

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Nice! I like the head.
Good to hear that you like the new head design...took me a while to fit all the electronics!! 
But now I am happy that everything is in place and I can move on!!:D
Can’t wait to see your set up and motions thru unity!
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Hey guys, I am experiencing my Pi Zero to be very unstable, it browns out a lot...
so I measured the Voltage at the power pins which is 4.98V, and it is hooked up th my 20A Power Supply!
But I am using these type of jumper cables...so I am wondering if the diameter might not be enough to provide power to the Pi Zero and the Vision Bonnet?
Actually, now that I took those cables out to measure the Voltage, everything seems to be working fine!!
One of those jumper wires that provide power to the Pi, might have gotten loose and cause the Pi to reset...
I am keeping my fingers crossed!!:D