ZOE : a machine that resembles a living creature in being capable of moving independently


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Since my robot is running on a Raspberry Pi, which is now supported by EZ-Builder,
I decided to evolve my current project K[8] into a new one called ZOE...
First steps will creating a new servo setup which supports Dynamixel Servos, 
and a new Conceptual design!! 

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hey mickey

Trying my first print on my new - CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer

We will see  :-)

hi ezang

goodluck and have fun printing.
@EzAng  congrats, the journey has just begun.
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any pointers?

I using :
The Bed Temp is 149 deg Fahrenheit and I always use 475 deg Fahrenheit for the Extruder  - 65 / 135 c

I print on glass hairsprays 

there are test prints on the sd card from your printer.
use one for printing.
I did not do that, I will start again  :-)

Also see that all settings are stored in your printer.like x,y,z 
nozzle some 220 heat bed some 50  heat
check your leveling off the bed’
@EzAng  When you purchase filament, not all brands are good when you find one brand you like stick with it.  I tend to use the highest temp listed on the box for the hotend and the bed.  if you will be using glass on the bed scuff it with some sandpaper.  and I like hairspray, take the glass off the bed when spraying.  Make your first print two test cubes,  check if you have a good print and see if there is stringing between the cube if there is some use your retraction setting  I use about 3mm. retraction.   if your print is warping or releasing from the bed make sure you start the first layers closer to the print bed but not to close. if the extruder is making a clicking noise you are to close.  print slower for your first several prints and then gradually increase the speed and see what your 3d printer can handle.    3d printing takes a very long time, live with it,  if you have issues don't hesitate to ask.
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Thank again, 

I am using the PETG   heating up at 65 / 135 c

I stopped my first print, ended up , there was stringing - looked like the extruder was too high of the print job, or is that just me -  trail and error I guess

How do I fill this in?

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look for video's on youtube about your printer settings.
here's a first start ,unboxin,calibration and all you need the first time.

first print
Thanks Nomad, I watched the video, I need to level better, 

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hello ezang

bed leveling is the most importent to even get a good print.
watsh many video's and learn yourre machiene step by step.
i always use a raft (jeremie touch me thatxD) then you can see upfront,
when a print has a very good chance to succseed.
@EzAng   your Hot end temp is to low   it should be around 245 deg cel  try the 2 test cubes and see if there are strings between the two cubes it may require a much larger retraction setting around 8mm.  I never use a raft but I have been using my machine for a long time once you set the first layer on the bed right you will not need one. but for success now use a raft.  testing the machine and seeing what it needs is very important.
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great info thanks, I will try all of this

looking at my PETG filament - it says nozzle temp 230 - 250 C  and bed temp  60 - 80 C

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i got all parts,sd card with noobs on it.the pi boots up but error message pops up.
it seems that something is missing.also keyboard&mous dont work.i do see the arrow off the mous in the screen.
i gess here starts the crazyness.xDany idea
forgot the picture

User-inserted image

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WOOHOO found it .its downloading now.

User-inserted image

all works.
hi mickey

zoe chest in colors german flag.black servo's&brackets/red/yellow

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Supercool!! Gret to see your progress!! Its really nice that you are remodeling the design and adding your own flavor to it!!
Keep it up!!:D