Building a Giant 3D Printer 720x350x~400mm Build area


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I will have several videos of this project as it comes together

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Print Area: 720x350x~400mm Build areaPrinter Size: 1040mmx540mmx750mmPower: 24V system CE rated Power Supply, 700W 110V Silicone heated bedMax Extruder Temp: 245C (can reach higher but will shorten the longevity of the extruder)Max Bed Temp: 120CX/Y Linear Rail SystemZ T8 4 Start  Lead screwsController: Marlin Based ControllerResolution: 0.05mm (50 Microns)

Dual Extrduer: All parts needed for a single tip dual color bowden setup with inductive auto-level

7" Color Touch screen with R Pi clone with WIFI connectivity

Make Your Own Giant 3d Printer, Folger Tech FT-6 Box Opening, 30min

Make Your Own Giant 3D Printer Build Folger Tech FT-6, Vol 1, 1hr 46min

Make Your Own Giant 3d Printer, Folger Tech FT-6 Vol. 2, 3hr 53min

Make Your Own Giant 3d Printer, Folger Tech FT-6 Vol. 3, 4hr 11min

Parts used in the project so far:
CNC Cut ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) Frame Panels 
LMF8LUU Linear Bearings
SHF8 MountsKP08 bearings leadscrew mounts
Idler Pulley
8mm Chromed Linear Rods
T8 4 Start Lead Screw 8mm pitch 
720mmx350mm 1/8" aluminium bed with 110V Silicone Heater
24v Power Supply 

NEMA 17  Stepper Motors
400mm 12mm Linear Rails (Y Axis)800mm 12mm Linear Rails(X Axis)GT2 Belt
 SKR 1.3 32-bit Smoothieware or Marlin 2 Controller
All Required Nuts/Bolts for Assembly
Power Cable

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Cumulative build time so far: 10 hrs 15 minutes